Vintage dresses - a return to the best traditions

Fashion for all vintage gradually conquers the hearts and wardrobes of modern girls and women. Why do vintage dresses get so frenzied? Probably, an important role in this trend trends played on beautiful and at the same time comfortable dresses, make-up in retro style with its arrows on the eyes and bright lipstick, elegance and grace, which for several seasons have prevailed in both evening and everyday dresses.

Where to buy a retro dress?

Where to look for vintage dresses? Vintage fashion and other attributes of the old exotic are not considered rare today. You can buy a beautiful outfit with your history in various ways. The first is to buy a new dress, which will be something like the clothes of our grandmothers and moms.

The second is to look for vintage dresses in special stores. This is the simplest, and sometimes cheapest way to purchase an exclusive item. In addition, real connoisseurs of retro fashion can find the true treasure, which will soon become the pearl of the entire wardrobe.

The third way is to sew a vintage dress yourself or to entrust this business to the master. In this case, too, you can significantly save. But in order to translate the idea into reality, you should clearly define for yourself why vintage, how and with what you will wear such a dress, will it really be an actual thing in the wardrobe.

Next, we will understand which of the presented ways is better to use to buy things in retro style.

Purchase of a modern dress "for vintage"

This method is considered by many to be questionable. First of all because the fashion for this or that style of vintage dresses changes every season. Not the fact that the dress in peas with a lush skirt long below the knees will not have to be thrown out next summer just because it is hopelessly out of date, and in fashion will already be dresses in the style of Maya Kristalinskaya.

To avoid such embarrassments, you should closely monitor the latest trends and find out what will be relevant, at least for one season ahead.

Purchase of clothes in vintage shops

Acquisition of a dress from a retro-clothing store is another way to acquire a fashionable thing. The only difference is that this dress will already have its own history. And for this reason many are neglected in this way, but in vain.

It is difficult to say why the domestic society will long become accustomed to buying clothes in such stores. But this is certainly not due to a higher standard of living compared to European countries and the United States. For example, in Paris, New York and London, this is normal practice. Modern fashionistas there are not afraid to visit the store of retro things and thereby save a lot of money on clothing.

It is in such outlets that real vintage dresses are sold, which will please any appreciator of fashion trends. Of course, sometimes you have to buy a thing that will require minor repairs or fit for the new owner.

Sewing of a vintage dress

The task is greatly simplified if you know how to sew or knit. Although even if it is not included in the talent of the fashionista, the dress can always be ordered in the atelier or from a private craftsman. The benefit of making vintage dresses is easy to find. They can be found in old magazines, books, and on modern fashion sites.

I'm glad that many of these patterns are extremely simple. It is not necessary to be a high-profile specialist to sew a light summer dress in retro style. Lovers of manual knitting can also find themselves in this area. After all, vintage crochet dresses can only be tied to a high-profile master. As a result, the creation of a talented designer will be valuable items of wardrobe, which, if executed successfully, can cost a lot of money.

The only problem that can arise when sewing retroplaty, is the search for a suitable fabric. But if you want, you can find it in one of the shops with goods for sewing, or at the very least order online.

Vintage wedding dresses

This is another modern trend. And there are several reasons why many choose this direction for creating the style of a wedding dress.

The first and most important of them is the embodiment of a romantic, refined image. Use of vintage fabrics and styles for tailoring a wedding dress is a way to make the bride elegant, romantic and at the same time elegant.

Vintage wedding dresses are not so easy to find in the first on the way of a specialized atelier. They need to either look in retro stores that can provide a really wide range, or order their tailoring.

You can also purchase a vintage dress with its own history. Quite often they are sold in perfect condition, and sometimes - completely new. Therefore, you can look for a beautiful lace outfit and become the most exquisite bride.

Why choose retro dresses

Vintage dresses have one valuable advantage: it's quite difficult to meet a girl in the same outfit on the street. This representative of the beautiful half of mankind enjoy with pleasure during the evening outings, because nothing is able to spoil the mood as a similar outfit on someone else.

It does not matter, it will be a simple style dress or a spectacular outfit in the style of Marilyn Monroe. In any case, the image will be unrepeatable.

Another advantage that vintage dresses differ is the emphasis on the winning elements of the figure and the ability to hide not the most ideal parts of it. For example, the waist and chest are always underlined, but a long and magnificent skirt will help to hide the not quite perfect hips and legs. This dress will not necessarily be strongly decolorized. You can choose an elegant and modest style, and the figure in any case will look seductive.

In addition, vintage dresses are always a beautiful fabric, which can rarely be found when making clothes in other styles.

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