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What should I do if my neck is chilled? Symptoms, features of treatment

If you have a cold neck, it means that as a result of hypothermia the muscles are inflamed. As a result, blood circulation is disturbed, which is accompanied by strong pain sensations.

Has chilled a neck. Symptoms

The neck can ache not only as a result of hypothermia, but also because of strong physical exertion, osteochondrosis and other problems with the musculoskeletal system. To understand that the neck is chilled, you need to pay attention to the nature of the pain. It can be aching, pulling. Pain quickly spreads to the shoulder girdle and even to the shoulder blades. It can become aggravated by turning or tilting the head, as well as during conversations and eating. If the inflammation is not strong, then it can go on its own for a few days. Otherwise, you will have to see a doctor and resort to a special treatment.

What should I do to get started?

Many people, waking up, in the morning feel a strong pain in the neck, which prevents even lift your head from the pillow. If the day before you were not subjected to strong physical stress, then, most likely, it's a matter of hypothermia. If someone does not know what to do, if you have chilled your neck, first of all you should take such measures:

  • In order not to injure muscle tissue, you need to be at rest. Ideal - it's bed rest. If you have to sit a lot, put a roller under your neck, which will serve as a support and relieve it of excessive tension. And no physical exertion (try not to even turn your head).
  • If the neck is chilled, at first it will be very sick, and therefore you will have to take analgesics (preferably with anti-inflammatory effect). Do not take antibiotics without first consulting a doctor.
  • Provide a cold place with heat. Tie a woolen scarf or put on a sweater with a high neck. In this condition, the neck should be both day and night.

Has chilled a lymphonodus on a neck

The lymphatic system is very sensitive to temperature changes. The nodes perform a restraining function, preventing the infection from spreading through the body, and therefore, under hypothermia, they can become inflamed and greatly increase in size. Therefore, self-treatment should not be engaged (especially if the child has chilled his neck). The attending physician must establish an accurate diagnosis, after which a complex treatment will be prescribed:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate the cause of the disease;
  • Antibiotics to fight infection and prevent possible complications;
  • Immunomodulators to strengthen the protective barriers of the body.

Since inflammation of the lymph nodes in children and adults is most often associated with colds, special attention should be paid to preventive measures. Strengthen your immunity and keep your neck warm.

Neck procedures

What if I have chilled my neck? First of all, to ensure peace and warmth. And if the pain does not pass within a few days, immediately go to the doctor. He will prescribe the appropriate medicine and physiotherapy. And at home you can do the following:

  • To calm the pain and increase blood circulation, massage lightly. Movements should be very smooth and without pressure. You can use warming ointments or aromatic oils.
  • To calm the pain and increase blood circulation, massage lightly. Movements should be very smooth and without pressure. You can use warming ointments or aromatic oils.
  • Preheat the salt in a frying pan and cover it in a tissue bag (you can use a sock). This "dry heat" works perfectly for inflammation of the muscles.
  • To achieve a quick recovery, try to use the technique of contrast compresses. A whole day alternate cold and hot lotions. Before you go to bed, wrap your neck with a warm scarf and leave it overnight (you can use an alcohol compress).

With warming compresses should be treated very carefully and do not do it without the advice of a doctor. If you have angina or other inflammatory diseases, then intense heat can only aggravate the problem.

Folk recipes

Our ancestors always knew what to do if they chilled their necks, how to treat muscle inflammation. There are a lot of popular recipes, the most popular among which are the following:

  • For 10 hours you need to insist 2 spoonfuls of althea (crushed root) in a glass of water. The heated liquid will be very effective as a compress.
  • Take the cabbage leaf and lightly beat it with a rolling pin. Now sprinkle it with soda, household soap (you must first grate it) and attach it to a sore spot. Fasten the compress with a plastic wrap or a dry cloth, then wrap a warm scarf.
  • Honey should be slightly heated in a water bath, then add the aloe juice. From the received mass do appliques.

If you do not consider yourself an adherent of traditional medicine, then modern methods will help you. So, several times a day rub the sore spot with warming ointments. Sufficiently well proven ones such means as "Teraflex" and "Apizartron".

Rehabilitation period

If you have a cold neck, then the removal of pain is not yet a sign of a full recovery. In order to bring the muscles into tonus, you need to undergo rehabilitation. Ideal for therapeutic exercise, which includes the following set of exercises:

  • Place your hands on the forehead and the back of the head and lightly press down on the head. At the same time the neck muscles need to alternately strain and relax.
  • The following exercise is similar to the previous one, with the only difference being that the palms should rest on the temples.
  • The head needs to be thrown back. With this chin, you must stretch forward. In this position, you need to stay for 10 seconds, then completely relax your neck. Carry out a few repetitions.
  • Secure your back in a level position. Tilt your head to the right and left, trying to get your ear to the shoulder (without lifting it). You need to stay in this position for a few seconds to feel the tension of the muscles.

When you fully recover, do not forget about these exercises. They will help you strengthen the neck muscles and will serve as a good prevention.


The first question that comes to mind is a person who has chilled his neck - "How to treat?". First of all, ensure yourself a complete peace and dry heat (for example, a woolen scarf). If the inflammation is not strong, then for a couple of days you will forget about the pain. Otherwise, you can not avoid visiting a doctor. He will prescribe a comprehensive treatment that includes anti-inflammatory and pain medications, as well as physiotherapy procedures. Also, you can refer to the "grandmother's" methods, which for centuries proved their effectiveness. When the pain passes, be sure to perform special exercises to speed up the rehabilitation process.

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