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Fairy tale about vegetables for children

The tale of vegetables for children is not just entertainment. Thanks to her, the child gets acquainted with this or that product, learns what color it is, what shape it has. An interesting story about the benefits of vegetables can interest a baby. He will love to eat them, and this is very important for his body.

The fairy tale about vegetables for preschoolers should be not only fascinating content, but also set out in simple and accessible language.

What does the tale teach?

A fairy tale is not just entertainment for a child. She is able to teach, educate, solve many problems, and soothe. Thanks to a fairy tale, it is possible to explain to a toddler or toddler many things that, with the usual explanation, are difficult to perceive. There are, for example, children's tales of vegetables and fruits, which will help you learn the names of certain products, as well as recognize their useful properties.

Therapeutic effect of a fairy tale

Incredibly, fairy tales have a therapeutic effect. The tale of vegetables for children can be no worse than the one where the main characters are people. So the child can quickly get acquainted and "make friends" with new vegetables. If he refuses to eat these or other products, an interesting fairy tale about vegetables will help change his attitude towards them. Reading or listening to fairy tales, involuntarily transferred to the world of magic and fantasies, dreams and dreams. In this wonderful world, anything can happen. Animals and birds can talk, houses can be made from sweets, people can move around in time, fly, etc. The world of fairy tales is always kind and beautiful. That's why they are so popular with children as well as adults.

Cheerful kitchen garden

This is a short tale about vegetables. One day the puppy walked through the garden and met its inhabitants. But just did not know how someone's name. We need to help the puppy learn about the inhabitants of the wonderful garden.

First the dog saw a green and pimply creature Who is this? So it's a cucumber, a real gallant bugbear.

Then he met a red handsome man. He was ripe, juicy and a little fat-cheeked. This is a signor tomato!

And here is the business lady, she is dressed in a hundred fur coats. And in the summer it is not a bit hot. This cabbage, which can not keep warm.

And who put out his barrel to the sun? He was not tanned, but only a little white. Yes this is a lezhoboka-zucchini.

Then he walked and saw colorful bushes. They were sweet peppers of different colors: red, orange, yellow and green.

He saw a virgin who has a scythe all the time on the street, and she herself sits in a dungeon. Who is it? Of course, carrots. Now the puppy knows who lives in a cheerful garden. It is inhabited by a wonderful people.

Fairy tale about vegetables (funny)

Planted a grandfather turnip. And I expected that she would grow bigger and bigger. It's time. Grandfather began to dig. He pulls ... And then he hears that the vegetable is talking to him.

- Grandpa, well, what kind of a turnip do I have, I'm a red carrot with green curly hair!

"Here are miracles," says the grandfather, "but where did I plant a turnip?" I do not remember. Crawl to me in the basket, you can use the soup, but while we look together. He goes further on the garden. Pulls, pulls ...

"Oh, be careful with me, I'm not a turnip, I'm a beet," the businesswoman said efficiently.

"How is it," the old man says, "again mixed up. Here I am an old fool. Well, let's go and you with me, you'll need a borscht. He goes further.

- You, probably, turnip, - the grandfather has addressed to the next vegetable.

- Who am I? No, that's you. I'm a potato.

"Here," muttered his grandfather, "oh, old age is not fun. Slepovat, yes with memory problems. How can I find a turnip?

- Yes, here I am, - cried the turnip, - how many of you can all wait? I'm sitting here, I'm alone.

"At last," Grandfather rejoiced. I wanted to pull it out, but really the big, big turnip was born. Probably, it is necessary to call grandmother, granddaughter and others. And how did grandfather turnip? Well, that's another story ...

Controversy of vegetables

This autumn fairy tale about vegetables. Once upon a time there lived an old man with an old woman. Grandfather watched TV in the evenings, and grandmother knitted socks for him. It bored them so to live. Have decided to get a kitchen garden. For days on end they were busy with him. They really liked that time flew by quickly and was not at all boring. It's time to sow the seeds. Such a serious matter the grandfather did not entrust to the grandmother. Sam went to the market, bought everything. I decided not to call the grandmother, but plant the seeds myself. But he stumbled, and all the seeds scattered around the garden.

Grandfather came home sullen. And he says: "How can I find where the carrot is, and where is the beetroot!" "Do not worry, grandfather," said the old woman, "it's time to come, we'll figure it out ourselves."

So the autumn came, it's time to harvest. The old man and the old woman are watching, and the vegetables have all turned out so beautiful, ripe. Only they argue with each other, which one is better and more useful.

- I'm a tomato, I get a delicious tomato. I'm the best.

- And I'm more useful. I am an onion, I save from all ailment.

- And here not. I, too, are rich in vitamins. I'm a sweet and delicious gourd, and I'm also very bright and beautiful.

"You're not the only one who shines with beauty." I'm a red carrot, I'm a beautiful girl. Useful and tasty, everyone very much like me.

The vegetables were debated for a long time, while the grandfather and grandmother did not say: "All of you are important, important and useful. We will gather you all, we will not leave anyone in the garden." Someone will go to the porridge, someone in the soup, and many of you and raw edible And very tasty. "The vegetables were delighted, they laughed and clapped."

Therapeutic tale of useful vegetables. Part one

This fairy tale about vegetables perfectly suits those children who have problems with food. Approximate age - from 3,5 years. Conversations about tasty and healthy food, as well as harmful food like many children. The main thing is that they are interesting. If you are telling a therapeutic tale, do not use your child's name for the main character.

So, the therapeutic tale about vegetables can be the next. Katya, as usual, stayed with my grandmother during the summer holidays. She really liked this village. Bright and warm sun always cheered up, and in a clean river you could always swim a lot. Only now Katya very often was capricious and did not obey grandmother. She did not want to eat cooked dishes from vegetables and fruits. The girl refused to eat them and said: "I do not want this, I will not." This is the green one I do not eat, but this is the red one. " And all in that spirit. Of course, this greatly upset my grandmother, because she tried so hard for her beloved granddaughter. But Katenka could not help herself.

Therapeutic tale of useful vegetables. Part two

One day the girl went out and heard that someone was talking in the garden. She walked closer to the beds and was very surprised. Vegetables argued among themselves.

- I'm the most important thing in the world, - the potato came out, - I can saturate the entire body and give strength for the whole day. Thanks to my useful properties, every child will run for a long time, jump, jump, and will not get tired at all.

"It's not true, I'm the most important!" Said the beautiful orange carrot. You can not even imagine how much beta-carotene in me is supravitamin. It is useful for sight.

- Hmm, - thought Katya, - probably, the grandmother very much loves carrots, since still knits and reads without glasses.

And at this time the vegetables continued to argue:

"Dear girlfriend," said the pumpkin, "do not think that you are the only one who is rich in beta-carotene." In me, too, it is enough. I help people cope with the autumn ailments. And in me vitamin C is contained.

"I also have such a vitamin," the red pepper answered playfully, "I have much more in it than in citrus fruits."

- No, guys, you, of course, are important, but I'm still the most important! Said the broccoli. - I can eat not only boiled, fried or stewed, but also raw. I have the most useful vitamins in me. And the soup made from me is excellent.

- Friends, all of you are certainly right, but without me the dishes are not so delicious. - said the bow bass, - and I can cure a person from various diseases.

And then the vegetables noticed that someone was watching them, and immediately stopped their argument, as if they did not talk at all.

"These are miracles!" Said Katenka softly. - And then my grandmother called my granddaughter to eat. Katya realized that she was very hungry, and ran to wash her hands. When the girl saw that she was waiting for a pumpkin porridge for breakfast, she was very happy. She wanted to try all the vegetables herself and choose which one is more important and tastier. Katya decided that now she would gladly eat grandmother's salads and kashki and become beautiful and healthy.


Thus, a fairy tale about vegetables can be cognitive, therapeutic and developing. For very young children choose books with dense pages (preferably cardboard) and bright illustrations. The kid, leafing through them, will gradually find out where is the vegetable. Choose fairy tales written in simple and accessible language. When they are laid out in verse, they are very attracting the attention of children. Write your own stories. Make up stories, but use the name of another child. When your baby grows up, teach him to compose a fairy tale. Often invented by children, fairy tales are very funny and interesting.

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