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What is the fear of the crowd called?

Every one of us faces a huge number of people every day. In the mornings people fuss in the metro, they hurry to work and study, someone is standing in line for groceries in the store. Some fast pace and rhythm of life energizes, and others get tired of it. Undoubtedly, everyone somehow wishes to be an important part of the society. But there are people who are often overwhelmed by panic, anxiety at the sight of the crowd. It is hard for them to be among their kind, to see themselves as part of a vast world. They are hostages of fear, suffer from a disorder called "fear of the crowd". In another way - "demophobia".

Fear of the crowd is a persistent, negative reaction to the congestion of a different number of people. In the form of a phobia often causes panic attacks, which provoke fainting, attacks of suffocation, dizziness, pressure changes. The appearance of such a phobia occurs on the basis of events that occurred at an early age.

Fear of the crowd - what is it called?

It all depends on the type of stimulus. There are several options for fear of crowding:

  • Fear of the crowd - a phobia, representing a panic fear of being in crowded places. For an object that suffers from demophobia, a huge problem can be visiting theaters, supermarkets, restaurants, educational institutions.
  • Ochlophobia is a fear that causes panic attacks when interacting with a disorganized crowd of people.

The general conclusion can be made the following: the demophobic will be very uncomfortable and uncomfortable in the store, hospital, theater, and ohlofobu - at rallies, concerts, in the metro at the peak hour. So we found out what the phobia is called.

Fear of the crowd as formed?

Fear of crowds is formed at a conscious age. Demophob fears:

  • A large crowd as a whole;
  • Find yourself in a traumatic situation; A factor in the development of this phobia is a moral or physical trauma obtained with a large number of strangers;
  • To perform certain actions, being in the center of the crowd;
  • To lose control over the situation;
  • Any crowd of people representing a potential security threat.

We found out what is called the fear of a crowd of people. This is demophobia, which is usually considered a form of acute instinct of self-preservation. A person who is exposed to this fear, needs an early shelter from the outside world in a quiet, safe place. For example, at home, where everything is familiar, where no one will disturb it and there will be no surprises.

Common Symptoms of Panic Attacks in Demophobia

Panic attacks that occur during demophobia are manifested as:

  • Lack of air;
  • Pallor and redness of facial skin;
  • Dry mouth, thirst;
  • Intense headache;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Severe sweating;
  • Frequent urination.

What is the source of phobia, where does demophobia come from?

Fear of crowds most often develops in middle and school age. The following events can cause the phobia to appear:

  • A person became a victim of violence or witnessed mass violence against another person;
  • An accident during a public event;
  • A man had to survive a terrorist attack;
  • Public shame in the presence of witnesses, which is a large crowd of people.

For example, during a theatrical performance, a fire begins. As a result, there is a massive panic, which leads to severe consequences - some were injured, one was mortally wounded when the crowd rushed to the exit. One of the witnesses survived the horror of this event and is in a stressful state. After this, the fear of being in a crowded place develops as a protective reaction; Being among people, a person closes.

Types of treatment for demophobia

There are three types of treatment for this phobia:

  • Drug therapy;
  • Psychotherapeutic effect;
  • hypnosis.

With fear of a crowd of people you can try to cope on your own, if the disease is not extremely complicated. You need to start by stopping visiting crowded places. But this situation means that a person has to limit his way of life a little and make some amendments to it. First and foremost, you need to abandon hikes in cultural places with amusements and crowds of people. For a while, enter the image of the recluse and hermit from the outside world.

But this option is not suitable for everyone. Others will have to overcome their fear and go out on people. In appearance, of course, this seems incredibly difficult, but if you start a little - successes, definitely, will appear.

You can start by visiting a small store in order to buy the right products. But it is important to remember: first of all you need to make a list of products. Then you will concentrate on the necessary things and for a while you will be distracted from the surrounding people.

There is another trick that can save the situation, is the presence of a distracting object. For example, you can take a music player and surround yourself with your own world. After a while, when you are already quiet enough to visit small shops, and forays will take place without the presence of panic fear, then you can move to large supermarkets and shopping centers.

Well, of course, self-treatment should not be limited, because demophobia is well treated with the help of psychotherapeutic techniques. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is widely used . In some cases, to reduce the anxiety of the patient, the doctor can prescribe sedatives in the form of pills or injections.

Preventative procedures for demophobia

In principle, any phobia for today is cured by a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist. But not every demophobe is ready to seek help from a stranger, even a doctor.

If, however, fear has already crossed all facets, and panic openly rolls in crowded places, urgently go for help to a specialist. First of all, help can be given by close people. In demophobes, the circle of trust is incredibly narrow, so if you enter this number, be sure to cheer up your friend and go with him to the doctor. Help me go all the way to the doctor, protect him and show that you can be trusted and nothing bad will happen to him.

A very popular technique for professional psychologists and psychotherapists is psychocorrection. At such sessions, the doctor, as a rule, looks for the root cause of fear, tries with the patient to understand the situation in which the patient was injured. Often, doctors beat situations with patients, trying on a variety of roles.

How to deal with this phobia?

The phobia of the crowd is a large cage that narrows from day to day. There are a lot of unforgettable events, beautiful places and merry moments in the world, but life loses all charm without communication. First of all, you need to look at your fears in person and understand the root of the whole problem. Therefore, do not stand in the position of the victim before unreasonable fear. Just say to yourself: "I'm not afraid anymore!".

Fight, fight with fear and build your life happily.

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