Antispastic drug "Tizalud": instructions for use

The drug "Tizalud" instructions for use refers to a group of antispastic drugs that are agonists of alpha2-adrenergic receptors. The active substance contained in this agent positively affects the skeletal muscles, reducing their increased tone and relieving spasms, increasing the force of arbitrary contractions and reducing the resistance of muscles in so-called passive movements. In addition, the antispastic drug "Tizalud" (the instruction for use confirms this information) reduces spasticity and clonic convulsions. As a result of this process, the volume of active movements increases substantially. At the same time, this drug does not have any negative effect on the transmission of excitation in the synapses of the neuromuscular type.

An anticonvulsant preparation "Tizalud" is produced in the form of tablets, which contain two or four milligrams of tizanidine as the main component. Additional elements are magnesium stearate, lactopress, sodium carboxymethyl starch and microcrystalline cellulose.

Take the "Tizalud" tablets instructions for use recommends the elimination of painful muscle spasms associated with functional or static diseases of the spine. For example, this antispastic is often prescribed for patients suffering from lumbar or cervical syndrome. After surgical interventions (including after hip joint osteoarthritis and surgery to remove a herniated intervertebral disc), it is also recommended to start taking Tizalud tablets. The instruction advises to use them and with spasticity of skeletal muscles in case of neurological diseases. For example, this condition is often observed in people with chronic myelopathy or multiple sclerosis.

In addition, spasticity of skeletal muscles is very often observed with degenerative spinal cord disorders, the consequences of disorders in the cerebral circulation system, as well as cerebral palsy in young patients.

Prescribe an anticonvulsant drug "Tizalud" instructions for use categorically prohibits people with increased individual sensitivity to tizanidine or any other auxiliary components contained in its composition. In addition, it is not necessary to take the tablets under consideration for severe violations in the liver, severe form of lactase deficiency or hereditary lactose intolerance. Also, this preparation should not be administered simultaneously with ciprofloxacin, fluvoxamine or other isozyme inhibitors. With extreme caution, it is necessary to use the antispastic "Tizalud" to people with a diagnosis of "arterial hypotension" or "renal failure." With bradycardia and during the intake of oral contraceptives, it is likewise advisable to abandon the use of the drug.

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