Grapes Vodograi: abundant native land!

Among the many existing varieties of grapes I want to highlight Vodograi, obtained by breeder VV Zagorulko when crossing Arcadia and Kishmish radiant.

Grapes Vodograi: Variety description

This table grapes is characterized by a vegetation period of 120 - 125 days, which is an early-average period of ripening. Plants are quite powerful, with well-ripening shoots. Leaves are five-lobed, of medium size. Bunches of conical shape, large, the average mass of each is about 1 kilogram. The berries are oval, pink, large; Weight of about 10 grams, length 34 mm, width 20 mm. Juicy fleshy pulp has a pronounced muscat taste and a rich flavor.

This variety is characterized by a stable high yield, resistance to fungal diseases and frosts, an allowable temperature limit of -21 ° C.

The grape variety Vodograi has good transportability and does not deteriorate during transportation.

Features of cultivation and care

Planting grapes Vodograi can be produced both in spring and autumn, although in the autumn period the seedlings will be more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations due to possible frosts. Landing pit, the size of which is 0.8 * 0.8 * 0.8, it is desirable to prepare in advance, in order to gradually compact the soil. When preparing the pit, the removed top layer of the earth needs to be left, mixed with ash, humus, organic fertilizers, then all this mixture is covered in a pit.

To obtain a stable and high yield, it is required to provide the plant with sufficient watering. The first one should be carried out in the early spring, before the kidneys bloom. This is required to restore strength after the winter period.

The next time the plant needs moisture before flowering: after all, watering produced during the flowering of the bush can provoke the shedding of flowers, so it is highly discouraged.

The third time Vodograi grapes are required to be watered with the appearance of the first fruits. The water consumption per 1 plant bush is 3-4 buckets.

It is also recommended to water before hiding the bushes, in this case it will be necessary to pour 4 to 5 buckets of water under 1 bush.

If the grapes Vodograi is planted in rows, then watering is required to be produced in furrows. With a single planting of bushes around each to a depth of 30 cm, a circular ditch is digging.

Mulching is an important factor in growing grapes

An important feature of care for grapes is mulching, which is a covering of soil around the bush with covering material (needles, sawdust, straw, peat, humus, fallen leaves, grass) in order to prevent the growth of weeds and to save moisture. The first coating of mulch is produced immediately after planting and promotes rooting. Further, this operation should be carried out several times per season, as the grapes grow.

Before the onset of frosts in autumn, care should be taken to protect the plant and to provide shelter, the optimal materials for which are polyethylene or earth. In the first case, above the row of vines, iron arcs are installed, on which polyethylene is to be stretched; In the second - vines are filled up with earth before the formation of a slide. Vine from each bush should be laid on the ground, fastened with metal staples. Before laying on the surface of the soil, it is required to lay any protective material that does not allow contact with the ground.

With the right technology of growing and grooming in the autumn, Vodograi graciously generates a good and delicious harvest.

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