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Why do people fight each other?

Why do people fight? Will the long-awaited peace and peace come, or will our civilization destroy itself? Why do mercenaries and volunteers flow into Syria? They do not care who they fight for, if only to fight sooner. Why are the Syrian militants increasingly seeking to destabilize the situation in the entire region? Mankind has been fighting since the beginning of its history, it is from this time on, the conflicts on Earth are constant, there was not a day without war, even at one point of the planet, but the battle is boiling.

Recently, scientists are finding more evidence that we are not the first who lives on this planet. Ancient historians wrote a lot about the lost Atlantis and Lemuria. The discovery of the legendary Troy by Schliemann shows that the ancient Greeks can be trusted. But if these great civilizations really existed, then what happened to them? How did they perish? Analysis of soil and stones in ancient cities shows that they were destroyed as a result of nuclear bombardment. Time erases many tracks and reluctantly reveals its secrets. To answer the question "why people are at war," only a deep study of our prehistoric past will help.

Every nation is ready for war, it only needs a bright, charismatic leader. The savage tribes of the Mongols and Tatars conquered developed Rus, Khorezm and China, their horses marched thousands of kilometers through eastern Europe, although just a short time before that the Mongolian tribes fought only with each other, seeking to seize power. Genghis Khan put everyone under his banner, it was a wise man who knew that strength was in unity. And a small, hopelessly retired in its development, the tribe began to dominate most of the Eurasian continent. Bright leaders are able to lead the people behind them, even in the heat.

But why do people fight? Why is their desire to destroy their own kind of growing every minute? Nature has laid in us the basic instincts, "disconnection" which is impossible. They help a person survive in the most extreme situations. But the main were, there are and remain only three of them - this is self-preservation, the desire to multiply and the desire for excellence. If the instincts sitting in the depths of each consciousness disturb, then the person begins to strive to achieve the goal, no matter what. Bright personalities, such as Lenin or Hitler, were able to make crowds of people with their slogans. It was these people who created history. Of course, their actions led to war. But that, in turn, is also a powerful engine of progress. The war is pushing the country not only into the abyss of chaos and ruin - it forces the government to invest in the development of the defense complex, which, for its part, positively affects the overall scientific development of the country. It is possible that war is a kind of bloodletting on the huge body of a giant civilization. And perhaps this is the only way to further the survival of the whole civilization. The population of the planet is growing, and it is difficult to guarantee that there will be enough resources for everyone. Already, one-third of the world suffers from hunger. Who can be sure that another crazy politician who will declare war on the whole world will not come to power?

War is the most terrible disaster on earth. What is the history of the first war? The desire of one person to dominate the other has been inherent in us since birth, which is why people are at war. In ancient times, one could prove his strength and rightness only in battle. Over time, the desire for excellence began to be reflected in the scale of the first settlements, then in their associations, and in the twentieth century already in the global world conflict, during which nuclear weapons were used . The first war began immediately after the meeting in one glade of two ancient men, two fathers of families who simultaneously chose the same place for housing.

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