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Winch automotive: varieties and features

Now almost every four-wheel drive SUV, participating in trophy-raids and passing rally trails, is equipped with a winch. It should be noted that this mechanism is mandatory for all car enthusiasts who prefer to often conquer off-road routes. If it's a crossover or a car that is mostly used on asphalt terrain, the car winch will only spoil its appearance. For massive SUVs, on the contrary - this tool only beautifies the design of the jeep and makes it more aggressive. And if you install it together with a power bumper, then there will be no analogues to such a "monster".


At the moment, the car winch, depending on the type and design, can be divided into several categories:

  1. Mechanical.
  2. Manual.
  3. Hydraulic.
  4. Electrical.

To understand which of them is the most suitable for off-road, consider each of these types.


This winch car has a high speed of operation, but at the same time because of this plus during the operation of the device is almost impossible to drive. Because of this, when working with this tool it is impossible to set the desired direction to the SUV, which means that it will move in a straight line to the place where the second end of the cable is fixed. Therefore, not all motorists use it.


These tools are characterized by their compactness, which does not cause trouble when rewinding a metal cable. In addition, due to its small size, it can be transported separately in the trunk. Therefore, you can not drill holes in the bumper and in case of anything quietly pull out your car (SUV or passenger car - it does not matter) from the swamp or sand, where he "sat on his belly."


With this winch, you can quickly deliver any vehicle from the mud to a flat surface. And it works very quickly and efficiently. Due to its special design and application of hydraulics, the automobile portable hydraulic winch will withstand heavy loads. The main disadvantage of this device is only the low speed of winding the cable on the coil.

Electric winches for automobiles

Experts say that the most taut and reliable winch among all is the electric one. Due to the fact that it can work with a stalled engine and pull on itself without problems even a 3-ton jeep, it is used on most modern SUVs. In addition, the main advantages of this device are its relatively small size, high speed of winding the cable and at least a quick pull out of the car from the sand and mud trap. Installed electric winch automotive is quite simple. To mount it in a bumper, it is enough to have at itself the minimal set of tools and the instruction which is applied to a winch by the manufacturer. Thus, the best device for an SUV is the electric winch.

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