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Strategy of personnel management

To create a successful enterprise that would bring a stable profit, you need a well-developed HR strategy that meets the main goals and objectives of the enterprise as a whole. It is a long-term plan of action to increase the motivation of employees to work, develop and comply with the principles of corporate policy. A very important point is that a successful HR strategy should be adopted for a long time, which will ensure the sequence of actions of the management. It is inextricably linked with the development plan of the organization as a whole, is a part of it.

This scheme of work with employees can be unified for the whole organization and support its goals and objectives. For multidisciplinary large companies is characterized by a differentiated strategy of personnel management, which is developed depending on the business scope of a particular branch of the enterprise. So in one firm there can be some its variants.

When drafting a strategy, the company's needs in new employees, the level of personnel qualifications and the need for its improvement, the employees' positions are taken into account. The personnel department deals with these issues. In order to obtain reliable information on which the HR strategy of the organization will be based , it is necessary to periodically carry out appraisal activities designed to identify the need for personnel reshuffles. Along with this, attestation will help to identify the most promising employees who need to upgrade their skills for greater disclosure of their abilities. Any strategy of personnel development is aimed at maximizing the use of internal labor resources, which will save money and rally the team.

When planning strategic development, the governing bodies should pay special attention to measures to stimulate employees' motivation to achieve greater results. This can be expressed in bonuses, promotions, fines or reprimands for incorrectly performed work, etc. One of the important moments of their application is accessibility for perception and non-systemic nature. In other words, the employee must clearly understand for what effect he has received praise or criticism from the authorities. At the same time, the employee should not have a habit of material incentives, because this will significantly reduce the level of his productivity and the results of his work.

It is very important that the goals of the personnel management system coincide with the goals of the organization in general. They must adhere to a unified vision of the company's development. One of the defining moments in the development of the strategy is the formation of an information base. It does not include developments, studies of actions that increase the motivation of employees, use of new technologies to solve personnel issues, continuous training of personnel, the introduction of new methods, their testing and analysis of results.

A company striving to obtain more profit and minimize costs should not cut wages and raw material prices, but rather strive to organize such a team within itself, which would constantly improve its knowledge, skills and skills, was aimed at all new achievements. Introducing a new technical base that improves the output of products, it is necessary to organize training courses for employees.

The strategy should be understandable and maximally structured, logical at each stage and designed for a long-term perspective. The absence of a common idea will lead to the destruction of the concept of enterprise development, will cause its inconsistency.

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