What is terrible about engine overhaul?

Overhauling the engine - this phrase picks up every car enthusiast to the brain and bones. Of course, because its cost can vary from 10 to 150-200 thousand rubles, depending on the brand and model of the car. Each engine has its own resource. Having exhausted it, the mechanism needs to be repaired. What does the engine overhaul mean ? Let's look at its stages.

First you need to remove the unit from the car and clean it of dirt, fuel oil, since then these clusters can get inside and reduce all the work to a nonsense. And then it will be easier to handle the details, because they can be freely picked up and do with them anything. After cleaning, you can start working.

Let's start from the very heart - with the pistons, because this is the most difficult and expensive part of the repair, requiring equipment and accuracy up to 0.01 mm. For example, the overhaul of the VAZ engine is complicated mainly by the fact that the piston pins in the upper connecting rod head are inserted at a temperature of about 800 degrees, so it will be impossible to do this without a certain skill and sleight of hand. Naturally, such things as boring cylinders, will be conducted by specialists. These are unavoidable costs, the same as grinding the crankshaft necks.

Overhauling the engine takes quite a lot of time and space, so it's worthwhile to take care of the work place in advance and ensure its cleanliness and order.

After boring the block, the piston class is indicated on it, which corresponds to its size. Pistons and piston rings are selected for it . At selection it is necessary to remember that for all cylinders the identical combination of the piston + connecting rod + finger + piston rings is selected. For all cylinders, the difference should not exceed 2 grams. It is logical to assume that weighing should be carried out on the same electronic scales.

Further, the engine overhaul affects the crank-crank mechanism, which includes a crankshaft and connecting rods. If the budget is unlimited, then the neck should be polished in any case. If there are any restrictions, then you need to take measurements and determine whether repair is required. Naturally, the liners need to be changed in any case. At the same point, there is an oil pump. The fact is that its malfunction leads to a drop in pressure in the swab system, which also makes all the work in vain. Here the gap in the mating parts is measured, this is done with the help of a suitable probe.

Well, on this block repair is completed. Now you can go to the head. Here is the gas distribution mechanism. It includes a valve mechanism with a camshaft. Here it is necessary to pay attention to its condition, also to make measurements and to replace the oil-removal caps, which are dressed on the guide sleeves of the valves. In addition, you need to rub the valves. This is done with the help of a suitable device and lapping paste of various granularity.

After all the procedures carried out, it is worth paying attention to the power supply system and also to the ignition, since in case of their malfunctions, the engine will not react as much as it should. At the very beginning it is worthwhile to understand that a major overhaul of the engine by one's own hands is not such a terrible thing, which almost every automobile owner who has initial skills in handling machinery can do. After the completion of the repair work, it is worth remembering an equally important part - running in. During it, you do not need to subject the engine to heavy loads and exceed the speed of more than 100 km / h, as at this time there is grinding and heat treatment of all parts.

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