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How to finish breastfeeding?

Sooner or later, in the life of each nursing mother, the moment comes when she thinks about how to finish breastfeeding. How to do it competently, without haste and at the same time do not harm the baby?

For sure everyone knows that breast milk is the best product for a newborn baby, thanks to its nutritional value, utility and taste. In addition, such food is always with you and, as a rule, in sufficient quantity. However , breastfeeding can not last forever, and at some point the natural causes or circumstances force mother to make an important decision: to finish breastfeeding.

How to finish breastfeeding step by step?

To explain to the child that it's time to forget about my mother's breast is almost impossible. To excommunication does not become a stress for the child, it is necessary to do this not overnight, but gradually, reducing the number of feedings. You can clean up one by one: first of all day feeding, then - night. Thus, the mother can train the baby to the fact that he will demand the breasts less and less.

It may happen that the baby will suspect something is amiss and will ask for breast more often than usual. In this case, it may seem to the mother that the child is not yet ready for excommunication. What to do? First, you need to distract the child, give him new impressions, thanks to which the kid will forget about the breast at all.

Remember, gradual weaning is the imitation of the natural process of extinction of lactation. The fewer feedings - the less milk is produced. How to finish breastfeeding painlessly, you ask? If you act correctly, you can avoid weight in the chest, lactostasis, milk stagnation. Over time, the mother simply stops putting the baby to the chest, the body is reconstructed, and lactation stops on its own.

How to finish breastfeeding without stress for the baby?

Whatever one may say, weaning is a stressful situation for the baby. Surely everyone has heard about the "grandmother's methods" of excommunication: women lubricated their breasts with greens, applied something nasty or tasteless to their nipples, so that their breasts would not attract the child. Today, all these methods are outdated, as it is proved that they can further exacerbate the situation. Any change is stress. Just think about how your mother feels when grandiose changes take place in her life: childbirth, breastfeeding, diet, caring for the baby's nutrition. Approximately the same feels and baby, so it's better to abandon the "cruel" techniques of the past.

There are many sparing and simpler methods. For example, a mother can "hide" her breasts or take a few days to give her child less attention so as not to remind of breast milk.

Before you finish breastfeeding, make sure that the baby is fine, he is not sick at all and is ready to be physically excommunicated. Time out if:

- In the street heat;

- the child is sick;

- the baby's teeth are chopped;

- Any changes are planned (moving, going to work, etc.);

- the baby's food is monotonous;

- the baby has problems with the intestines.

Do not forget, weaning out the baby is the same natural process as breastfeeding a newborn baby. Have patience and prepare yourself for such an important change. Take care that the child has experienced this easily and simply, and then everything, and mom, and baby, will be happy and happy!

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