What kind of sauna does Kostroma have? Saunas of Kostroma: names, addresses, reviews

In the sauna, you can relax after work, relax, or have a romantic evening and retire with your soul mate. This opportunity is offered by Kostroma. Saunas of this city are diverse. Now consider good institutions. It is possible that they will interest you with their eccentricity.

Kostroma: city saunas

- Hotel complex "Volga". Sauna in this complex is popular. She accommodates up to 12 people. The view of the steam room is Finnish. There is an excellent deep pool of medium size. Additionally visitors can use audio and video equipment, sing in karaoke, purchase bath accessories. Separately there is a room for rest. You can also order meals in the restaurant. They will be served in the recreation room. A pleasant opportunity for lovers of family recreation: children under six can relax for free in the sauna under the supervision of adults. And for residents of the hotel there is a discount for a sauna of 10%. Of course, the advantage is the round-the-clock mode of operation. Prices are quite nice - only 450 rubles per hour. Visitors leave positive feedback about the service, cleanliness and atmosphere. It is very comfortable, tidy and cozy. There is a complex at this address: Kostroma, ul. Youth, 1. Phone: (4942) 39-42-47, 8-953-644-00-66, 8-953-661-46-13.

- Sauna "Scorpion" (Kostroma). A very famous sauna in the city. In it there is a large pool, but not simple, but with various small waterfalls, fountains. Excellent steam room and wet steam will help you get the most out of the process. In addition, you can use the services of massage, sing in karaoke. There are shower cabins. This establishment is suitable for families. Also here you can have a good time with friends. Visitors can order food and drinks. Sauna "Scorpion" (Kostroma) pleases with pleasant prices (from 700 rubles per hour). Many people here have visited this institution, leave positive reviews. Located at: Kostroma, ul. Beregovaya, 45. Telephone: (4942) 30-04-56.

- Sauna "Shelestov". It has several paired, namely: Turkish hammam, Russian classical bath. There is a swimming pool with hydromassage, water flow and lighting, a lounge for relaxation and massage, shower cabins. The swimming pool is the pride of this sauna. After all, it can be called a small water park. Security is above all. Therefore, the water in it is filtered using ultraviolet. The pool itself is divided into several zones. All of them are unique and effective in their own way. In this place you can relax with your family, loved one or friends. Russian bath provides an opportunity for visitors to feel the power of Russian character. The interior is original: the walls are sheathed with Siberian cedar, the ceilings are massive aspen. What Russian bath without a birch broom? In this, of course, they are. Brooms complement the senses and cheer up. The process itself becomes traditional. As for the Turkish hammam, it is equipped with an aromatherapy system. This allows you to call it curative. The walls are decorated with a mosaic of glass, which is very typical for the traditions of the East. This sauna is open around the clock. Prices here are high, from 2000 rubles per hour and a half. This is definitely a VIP sauna. Those who have visited here speak about quality service and high-grade rest. To find a sauna it is possible to the address: Kostroma, ul. Kommunarov, 1. Telephone: (4942) 62-92-21, 62-99-99

Sauna "Almaz"

There is a Finnish steam room. Visitors can also swim in the pool. Guests can play billiards, relax in a special room. The price for one hour stay is from 700 rubles. The institution is located at: Kostroma, ul. Kostromskaya, 110. Booking by phone: +7 494 249-20-20.

Sauna "The Bear"

Capacity - six people. The steam room is Turkish. In the sauna there is a swimming pool with hydromassage. There are two halls in the institution. Price per hour is from 850 rubles. If there are more than six guests in the company, then you need to pay extra for each (100 rubles each). Additional services of the sauna: hookah, living room. There are also audio and video equipment in the institution. Address of the institution: Kostroma, st. Central, 14. Phone for booking a sauna: +7 (494) 222-06-11

Sauna "Sandals"

The facility can accommodate up to 6 people. It offers visitors a Russian bath. In the city of Kostroma, saunas with a swimming pool are very popular. The institution "Sandals" refers to them. In this sauna there is a swimming pool with excellent filtration and heating. There is also a room for rest. Visitors can additionally use different bath accessories. I am glad that the sauna is open around the clock. The cost per hour is from 750 rubles. Those who have already managed to visit here speak of cleanliness and quality service. There is a sauna at the address: Kostroma, ul. Vologda, 14.

Phone: 8-910-923-94-57.

Sauna "Eden" (Kostroma)

Sauna can accommodate up to 20 people. It is distinguished by a chic and luxurious interior. It is located on the territory of the famous park "Berendeevka". The sauna itself is a separate two-story building. On the ground floor there is a swimming pool with a geyser and hydromassage. The second is a recreation area. There is a pool, a cozy fireplace, massage chairs. Additional services: jacuzzi, SPA, professional masseur. Also here you can smoke a hookah. This is a VIP sauna . Works around the clock. The cost of the visit is from 1450 rubles per hour. Everyone who was in this sauna, talk about comfortable conditions and full rest.

Reality justifies expectations and confirms the VIP category. It is located at: 157. Mira Avenue, Kostroma. Phone: +7 (4942) 45-11-44.

The institution called "Aquarius"

This sauna has three rooms. Each is designed for 2-4 people. Two people can rest in the first room. It also has one room for relaxation, a Jacuzzi. The view of the steam room is an infrared cabin.

In the second room can rest up to 4 people. There is one room for relaxation, a heated swimming pool, lighting and good filtration. The view of the steam room is Russian.

And in the third hall can accommodate up to 4 people. There is also a nice swimming pool. As for the steam room, then it is Finnish.

Additional services are available for all visitors: karaoke, satellite TV, massage, aromatherapy, shower cabins, water cooler, tea, coffee. This sauna is open around the clock. The cost of an hour is from 500 rubles. Those who rested here talk about a wide range of services offered and quality service. Saunas of this type are popular among amateurs.

There is a sauna "Aquarius" at: Kostroma st. Sovetskaya etc. 120. Phone for information and booking: +7 (4942) 30-02-76.

A small conclusion

Now you know the good saunas of Kostroma. The prices here are different. You can find institutions for 450 rubles per hour. There are also places that Kostroma is proud of. Saunas of this level, of course, expose and prices more (from two thousand rubles and more). In this city, each person will be able to choose a place, based on their capabilities, preferences.

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