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What does Dr. Komarovsky say about colic in children? Colic in newborns: tips, recommendations

Colic is almost the most common cause of childhood crying in the first months of life. What only do not young parents do to calm the crumb at such moments! The best advice and recommendations are given by the famous doctor Komarovsky.

Who is it

Dr. Komarovsky Evgeny Olegovich is a well-known children's doctor who has gained worldwide fame due to his high professionalism and the "Doctor Komarovsky School." Millions of parents trust him with the problems of their children. And this is not surprising, because his approach is not only about treatment, but, above all, parenting! Not everyone can do this.

"School of Doctor Komarovsky" has been broadcast since 2010, and today it can be seen on seven TV channels. The TV program attracts the attention of the young parents of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus, as well as viewers of the Russian-language channels of Israel, Canada and Germany.

The official site is the "Komarovsky School" in the online version. Answers to all questions can be found in the doctor's own publications or discussed at the forum with other parents. This is one of the most important sections of the site, which allows young parents to understand that the problems that arise with the baby in their family are not unique, and each of them is solvable.

Doctor Komarovsky about colic

If the baby is tortured by colic, what should I do? The problem that young parents often face is a lot of controversy even among doctors.

Colic is an episode of intense pain, short, but repeated over a period of time. They happen different: hepatic, renal, intestinal. As Dr. Komarovsky explains, colic in newborns, from the point of view of science, is still not fully understood. However, unlike infant colic, all the others are fairly simple to explain, for example, by stones or the passage of hardened feces.

Infant colic is not associated with any of the above reasons. The main thing that parents should understand: when a child is a month, colic in the intestine is not dangerous and is not considered a disease. Moreover, infant colic pass on its own without any additional actions from the parents.

Causes of children's crying

In fact, there are plenty of reasons why a baby should be restless. If you take good care of the baby - he eats, gets enough sleep, he has no problems with the chair, then to understand why the child is crying, the pediatrician is required to be examined.

The pediatrician first of all examines the skin for the presence of rashes and diaper rash. In the process, the level of temperature and the regularity of the stool are determined. Excludes otitis and signs of colds. Only after a thorough examination establishes the diagnosis - "infant intestinal colic."

Do not be presumptuous and try to determine the cause of the problem on your own. There is no question of any independent examination of the child, please contact a specialist.

The causes of the problem in infants

Whatever information you can get about the cause of this illness earlier, Dr. Komarovsky's colic in newborns explains this: there are a number of hypotheses that doctors consider as possible causes of their appearance in infancy, but no one has confirmed the medical science. The only thing that doctors can unequivocally say is that overfeeding and overheating significantly increase the likelihood of such a problem.

Possible causes of colic:

  • Immaturity of nerve endings of the intestine.
  • Underdeveloped digestive system.
  • Lack of enzymes due to the immaturity of the enzymatic system.
  • Unbalanced nutrition of the nursing mother.
  • Incorrect mixing technology.
  • Swallowing of air by the baby during feeding.
  • Increased gas formation.
  • Constipation.
  • Weak muscles of the abdomen.

The doctor will be able to exclude the version of malnutrition during a primary examination and a survey of parents. All other reasons, too, should not be discounted.

Signs of the appearance of a disease

The main sign of the appearance of infant colic, of course, is unreasonable crying. In this case, the tummy of a child can be mild, the temperature is absent, there are no signs of disease.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, the colic of newborns makes them cry so that the mother literally starts to go crazy a little. This phenomenon has long tormented the scientific men of medical science who are vainly trying to explain it. They even conducted a series of experiments on the influence of children's crying on the psyche of parents. According to the results of the conducted studies, it was possible to explain everything, except crying of the baby, who was diagnosed with "infant colic". The special frequencies on which the child cries at such moments, do not fit into the framework of any scientific research.

The Magic Rule of Three

To such an ailment as colic, parents should prepare in advance. In fact, this is a fairly predictable phenomenon, moreover, its appearance, development and completion are subject to a certain algorithm, the so-called magic rule of three: colic appearing about three weeks after birth, ending by three months, lasting about three hours a day ...

Are the colic of the boys different from the girls' colic

In this regard, Dr. Komarovsky says this: the boys are tormenting this problem more often, and they suffer much longer. The reasons for this phenomenon are not known for certain. The only thing that remains for parents is to try to alleviate the condition of the child.

How Mom Should Behave

As already mentioned earlier, the mother in the period of infant colic can react completely inadequately. And this is due, incidentally, not only to sleepless nights, but also to postpartum depression. As is known, many women who have recently given birth have a number of changes, both in the psyche and in physiology. These disorders directly affect the hormonal background of the young mother, making her vulnerable and extremely vulnerable.

The most reasonable decision in this situation is to trust the daddy of the baby and not to interfere with his desire to control the process.

How a man should behave

The pope as the head of the family, the strongest and most wise, should keep a cold mind. The most important thing is for him to understand how important his role is in this difficult period.

First of all, the dad must make sure that his wife is able to cope with the baby. But even if the mother does not give up, in no case can not put all the care of the newborn only on her. The pope should be not just an assistant, but also the leader of a young family, so that the wife, feeling his strength and calmness, can cope with her fears and worries. Otherwise, he risks getting a tired and nervous wife and, as a consequence, a restless child who, even after the period of colic, will often cry.

What to do with a newborn if he shouts a lot

Despite the abundance of funds designed to relieve infantile colic, there is no cure for this ailment today. Another thing is that drugs can help when the true cause, one way or another, is established.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, colic in newborns is the diagnosis of exclusion. That is, before putting this diagnosis, the doctor excludes the presence of infectious diseases and digestive disorders.

The most common cause of colic is increased gas production . With the accumulation of gases in the intestine, it is possible to successfully cope with both improvised means (for example, a gas discharge tube), and various broths or medical preparations that reduce bloating. Colic, caused by other problems, can not be eliminated by these methods.

Another frequent cause of pain in babies is constipation. Komarovsky often warns young parents about the factors contributing to the development of this condition, which include maternal malnutrition, overfeeding, overheating and other causes. However, this disease can and should be fought, and quite successfully.

The main way to eliminate constipation is an enema. First, because it allows you not to resort to various kinds of drugs that can not only help, but also harm the microflora of the baby's intestines. Secondly, because this tool is available under any circumstances.

How to choose an enema

Acquiring such a necessary object, it is important to take into account some of the nuances:

  • Enema is a subject of personal hygiene. After purchase, it must be boiled before the first use. For further manipulation it will be enough to simply wash with warm water.
  • It is desirable that the enema for your baby was equipped with removable tips that can be thermally treated. Especially it concerns those cases when you get a product, second-hand. If the child has constipation, Komarovsky recommends injecting an enema, laying the baby on the back. The legs, bent at the knees, should be pressed to the stomach.

How to carry out the procedure correctly

To dilute the feces of the newborn, you will need no more than 30 ml of warm boiled water. A half-year-old baby - 80-100 ml, and a one-year-old - 150 ml.

The danger of enemas is that the immature microflora of the infant's intestine may not respond to the introduction of fluid. Moreover, water, heated to body temperature, begins to be absorbed into the baby's body, carrying with itself all the toxins collected in the hardening feces.

In order to prevent intoxication, with the introduction of an enema it is necessary to monitor the condition of the baby, and especially behind the chair. If it did not appear within 10-15 minutes after the enema was introduced, it is necessary to do everything possible to exclude intoxication:

  1. Enter the tip of the enema to let the water come out. Too dense feces suggests that the procedure should be performed several times.
  2. More sparing and less traumatic is the gas pipe. Moreover, it can be entered deeper than the usual enema. Pediatricians recommend using a gas outlet tube, adding it to the enema.

What else to do when a child has colic

In the language of Dr. Komarovsky, if her mother does nothing to help her child, then she is a stepmother. Despite the fact that the magic pill from this ailment still does not exist, help with colic is unequivocally necessary, first of all ... to my mother. If relatives have the patience to calm themselves and reassure their mother, we can assume that half of the problem will be solved.

In fact, the best remedy for colic is mind and patience. If parents understand that the problem has a place to be, then they must understand that it is necessary to endure this stage of development of the baby. They must understand and explain to their loved ones that no conspiracy will help in the child's crying caused by colic.

It may seem strange, but the condition of the baby displays the condition of the parents. If adults feel insecure, then the child will be restless.

A few myths about colic

There are a lot of folk ways that supposedly help to defeat colic. "Komarovsky School" in many ways helps to understand to parents what to do, and what is better to abstain from:

  1. During colic, you need to take the baby on the handles and rock. Dr. Komarovsky explains: if a baby calms motion sickness, then it must be done, unless they last for several hours, before the baby calms down. However, if the child is quiet on the handles, then about any colic it is not.
  2. The shape of the nipple on the bottle affects the appearance and intensity of colic. One of the possible causes of pain is considered to be swallowing air when sucking. Therefore, Dr. Komarovsky does not rule out that the wrong shape of the nipple can affect the occurrence of colic. However, most often the magic bottle appears in the house after a long search and experiments with different forms. Finding parents is an effective remedy for colic just about three months. That is, exactly when the problem passes by itself.

Colic, the causes of their occurrence and appearance - all of this is discussed in detail above. Gain strength and patience, your newborn baby just needs self-confident parents.

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