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What is dyscirculatory encephalopathy: treatment of the disease

During a person's life, quite dangerous diseases can appear. A striking example of this is discirculatory encephalopathy. This is a very complicated disease, which must be treated without fail. Let's find out what is dyscirculatory encephalopathy? These are functional disorders that occur in the brain, because of which the circulatory failure begins to progress there. This leads to a change in the density of brain tissue, to its destruction by multiple microinfarctions, which very often occur against the background of a lack of blood supply in the brain.

Such encephalopathy can be atherosclerotic, as well as hypertonic or mixed. Venous encephalopathy also occurs. At the initial stage of this disease, no psychopathological symptoms are observed. They become less pronounced in the next stage of the disease, but they are hidden. The third stage is the appearance of symptoms of parkinsonism. Memory disorder, behavior change, further decrease in memory and intellect, as well as emotional disorders - these are the manifestations of discirculatory encephalopathy of manifestation, treatment should be started immediately. After all, the more the disease progresses, the more pronounced disorders occur in a person. So, a person begins to write badly, to consider, the ability to think correctly is lost, the gait becomes wrong, diffused. Symptoms of this disease include memory impairment, emotional disorders. There is a rapid fatigue, a person becomes irritable and distracted. There are frequent headaches, especially after overexertion. Most manifest all these symptoms in the evening. It is necessary to try to rest more, not to be nervous, the situation of the house should be calm.

If a person has discirculatory encephalopathy, treatment should be started immediately. The main task here is to improve cerebral circulation. To do this, you need to do everything to increase cerebral blood flow. In addition, it is necessary to stimulate the metabolism of brain tissue, it is necessary to stop manifestations of neurasthenia, and also to normalize the patient's sleep. The patient should not experience stress, both mental and physical. It is very important to protect it from stress and scandals.

And what does dyscirculatory encephalopathy require medication? Here you need to use drugs based on nicotinic acid, as well as antihypoxants and nootropics. It is necessary to give drugs with vitamins of group B, as well as blockers of calcium channels. You need to eat right, do not overwork, do not exercise. It is often necessary to go out for a walk in fresh air, it's very good to do auto-training and talk with a psychotherapist. In the event that the symptoms of the disease do not stop, but progress, it is necessary to be treated at the psychoneurologist.

When a dyscirculatory encephalopathy is detected in a person, treatment is carried out not only with the help of drugs. Also, various physiotherapeutic procedures are used, such as electrophoresis, electrosleep, collar zone massage, Shcherbak galvanic collar and other procedures. In the early stages of this disease adaptogens are used to reduce psychovegetative disorders, such as "Saparal", "Dibazol" in small doses, "Apilac" and others. Once the patient is diagnosed with dyscirculatory encephalopathy, treatment is appointed immediately. The faster this disease is revealed, the easier it will be to fight it.

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