How to make flowers from paper as a gift

Original bright flowers for a birthday or for a wedding today is not necessary to buy in the store. A great gift in the form of a chic bouquet of paper will definitely surprise your friends and acquaintances. It looks so natural that you can feel the tender fragrance of a summer morning. Let's see how to make flowers from paper?

History of origami art origination

The idea of creating artificial flowers came to us from ancient times. Egyptian women, 3000 years before Christ, made original jewelry made of paper. During the Middle Ages, churches were used to set similar colors. In the 18th century, entire enterprises for the production of paper bouquets appeared. Today every schoolboy can make a beautiful tulip or daffodil to his mother on March 8 in the origami technique.

But not everyone knows how to make flowers from paper, so that they can not be distinguished from a living bouquet. It turns out that you can construct roses, peonies, lilies, orchids, crocuses, magnolias and many other charming plants with your own hands in ordinary house conditions. Everything depends on your preferences and mood.

Flowers - the best gift

Creativity is a great way of self-expression. Doing something with our own hands, we invest as a gift a piece of ourselves that can not be overlooked by others. It is not necessary to know how to make flowers from paper. It is possible to master a simple technique in one evening though an adult, even a child. The main thing is to choose the right model that will work best for you.

Such a hobby develops fantasy, aesthetic taste and accuracy. Having achieved perfection, you will learn to create such masterpieces that will be difficult to distinguish from real roses or tulips. From paper flowers you can also learn how to make original panels, beautiful postcards, unique photo frames or fantastic hats. Sometimes they are used to decorate wedding tables. How to make flowers from sweets, cards or gift boxes, can be found on the Internet. Such a gift will please your friends or co-workers, can become a fascinating hobby.

How to make flowers from paper?

To create a beautiful gift you will need cardboard, corrugated paper, glue, scissors, wire, satin ribbon, rhinestones for decoration and patience.

Consider the process of creating flowers by the example of roses.

  1. Take 5 small and 7 large petals, cutting them according to a pre-prepared template.
  2. Start forming the bud, applying small petals to the center of the stamen, slightly stretching them. Attach the petals to the stamen, tightly squeezing each new petal. The next level is imposed in such a way that it overlaps the previous sheet a little.
  3. To attach the petals to the stamen, you need to stretch them a little, and then wrap the flower ribbons twice around the stamen. This should be done with each layer of petals. And at the end wrap the tape two more times.

Our rose is ready. Using different templates, you can make other crafts. Collect several different colors, for example, roses and magnolias. Knowing how to make a bouquet of flowers, you can no longer worry about the gift. In your masterpiece there is a part of your soul, which means that it will appeal to your close people.

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