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Home magic: how to change eye color at home

Not much information can be found about how to change the color of the eyes at home, but, nevertheless, it is quite possible. There are only three ways to do this, which is due to the complexity of the task. Since the color of the eye depends primarily on the human genotype (from innate characteristics), it is necessary to take this case very carefully, so as not to spoil the vision and not to damage the retina. The second thing that determines the color of the eyes is their internal structure, which we will influence.

The first way how to change eye color at home: lenses

The simplest and safest way is to wear a lens. You can buy them either in the pharmacy or by ordering in specialized stores on the Internet. This option is good because you have no influence on the structure of the organ of vision, and lenses that change the color of the eyes only refract their natural color. Plus, you always have a choice on which (standard or non-standard) color to change your natural shade. And, of course, you can always take them off without any consequences for yourself.

The second way to change the color of the eyes at home: drops

Now there are special drops that can and can not turn the green color of the eyes into gray, but to make the shade brighter or lighter they are quite capable. For example, if you have a marsh-green eye, the use of such a tool can make them brighter and brighter, even for a short time. Thus, your eyes will take a light emerald tint, which looks so fascinating with any color of skin. But if this method of changing the color of the eyes without lenses does not suit you, there is something else.

Advice: before using the above described remedy, it is necessary to consult with specialists to avoid complications with eyesight. In no case should not buy these drugs on the Internet. Do this only in pharmacies and only on the advice of a doctor.

The third way how to change eye color at home: auto-training

It has long been proven that by the power of our consciousness we are able to influence not only the color of the eyes, but also our general physical state as a whole. This is due to the fact that our brain, controlling the hormonal background of the organism as a whole, is able to change certain chemical reactions in the body and, accordingly, in the eyes, which, with a correctly constructed technique, will allow diametrically changing the color of the eyes even to the opposite or even unnatural. To do this, it is sufficient to conduct a daily half-hour meditation (preferably in front of the mirror), visualizing the process of changing the color of the eyes to the one that is more interesting to you.

The process involves not just a momentary change of colors, but a gradual transition from tone to tone (up to the required). Making such manipulations with your eyes, you do not take any chances, but, as statistics show, you can acquire such a feature as an involuntary change of eye color depending on your overall emotional state, which looks extremely attractive.

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