What can you talk about with a girl? Interesting tips and instructions

Acquaintance with the girl is the first step towards long relations. If you are interested in further communication with a representative of the fair sex, then from the very first phrase you must conquer the heart of a beauty. Many men do not know what you can talk about with the girl at the first meeting.

It is believed that the woman loves the ears, to some extent this is true. But this does not mean at all that you can say a compliment, admire its beauty, and further communication is assured to you. The girl from the first two sentences that you utter will make a conclusion about you. Representatives of the weaker sex view each man as a potential husband and father of their future children. Therefore, you need to try to make an unobtrusive compliment and show your serious attitude to continue communication. If the girl you are interested in, then agree to a meeting. To her you must carefully prepare and pick up topics for a pleasant conversation.

What can I talk with a girl

Your conversation with a fair sex representative should be boring, versatile and interesting. Consider the fact that women like relevant compliments, you do not need to constantly admire its merits. This can embarrass the girl and make her think about the purity of your thoughts towards her. Choose topics that you can talk to a girl, and you will become for her a pleasant interlocutor and not only.

Topics for conversation

1. Fashion trends, clothing preferences. Girls (almost all) can spend hours talking about this. In case you decide to talk with the interlocutor about fashion, exclude the subject of underwear. It's still too early to discuss.

2. Movies. Talking about preferences in genres, you can invite a lady to a day or evening session in the cinema, to watch some regular premiere.

3. Children. This is probably the best thing you can talk with a woman of any age. All representatives of the weaker sex are not indifferent to men who want to have many children. Take advantage of this.

4. Culinary preferences. All people have a favorite dish. But do not ask the girl the question of whether she knows how to cook.

5. Interesting stories and stories from life. When a woman tells something, do not sit with a frown. Even if you are not interested, you should be surprised and enter into a dialogue to clarify any facts.

6. Sports theme. Fitness, figure skating, gymnastics and no football.

When deciding what you can talk about with a girl, pay attention to her interest in the topic. If she reacts positively and emotionally to a proposal to talk about something, then, translate the conversation into this channel.

What you can not talk to girls about

1. Political themes. Politics and women are incompatible concepts. But there are exceptions, however, very rare.

2. The age. This is a "sick" theme for all female representatives.

3. Religious affiliation.

4. Former relationships. Do not start this conversation, it will not bring anything good to you or the girl.

In general, to determine in advance what you can talk about with a girl, you can not. At the time of the meeting, the topics for conversation will arise. The main thing, do not forget gallantly to look after the lady.

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