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Ekaterina Mikhailova is a brilliant psychologist and a wonderful person

When in life you encounter people who proudly and confidently can say to themselves that they have lived their life for good reason, this not only causes respect, but also inspires one's own actions. Because everyone, probably, wants to leave behind something significant.

Ekaterina Mikhailova has more than enough reasons to boast. She is not only a brilliant scientist, but also an amazing writer. Mikhailova Ekaterina Lvovna is a candidate of psychological sciences and a leading specialist of the Institute of Group and Family Psychology. In addition, she is a professor of psychotherapy and a member of the academic council of the faculty.


The number of publications by Ekaterina Mikhailova is about 80, this is without those where she is a co-author. Her articles are published not only in Russia, but also in foreign publications. She is considered a major specialist in the field of corrective and teaching role-playing games, group psychology. Ekaterina Mikhailova was licensed as a psychologist-therapist and one of the five best professionals in Russia. In addition, she has a Gestalt therapist certificate.


Ekaterina Mikhailova graduated from Moscow State University in 1977, having received the specialty "medical psychology". In 1988 she successfully defended her thesis. The topic she took about the self-awareness of stutterers and the methods of its correction. Protection was held by the Research Institute of Psychoneurology. VM Bekhterev in Leningrad. Additional four-year training Ekaterina Mikhailova received in Hamburg, at the Fritz Perls Institute. It was here that she received a Gestalt therapist certificate. In addition, she passed a training program from foreign psychodramatists. This stage lasted for five years, as a result, Catherine received a therapist-psychodrama license.


After graduating from the Moscow State University, Ekaterina Mikhailova began her career at the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry. She began to work as a junior researcher and rose to the eldest. After defending the thesis for five years, Catherine worked at the Research Institute of Culturology as a senior researcher. Since then, to this day, Catherine is the leading specialist of the Institute of Group and Family Psychology.

In recent years, she actively conducts educational psycho-training "Psychodrama and role-playing games." These programs are lengthy in time, they were conducted and were completed already in several large cities of Russia. Also, Ekaterina Lvovna is known as a developer of training programs for managers - both Russian and foreign.

Professional activity

Ekaterina Mikhailova is a psychologist with a great name. She is the vice-president of the Psychodrama Association and an honorary member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy. He is considered an unsurpassed specialist in holding international conferences. Special mention is made of her work with foreign groups.

Mikhailova is in great demand as a brilliant specialist. She receives proposals for work from foreign and Russian universities. A lot of medical psychotherapeutic centers are in great need of such professionals as Ekaterina Mikhailova. The responses left by patients, students and simply colleagues and friends, speak about what an outstanding person Ekaterina Lvovna is.

In addition, she constantly receives suggestions about the work, she is literally torn apart by patients who want to get on her author's trainings. Recording on them is preliminary, and usually a few months before the start of the training, everything is already taken up. But still the opportunity to get on them is quite real. And for private conversations, Ekaterina Lvovna simply does not have enough free time.

Ekaterina Mikhailova is a wonderful, sensitive, kind person. She has a very subtle sense of humor and a sea of charm - it helps to arrange absolutely any client.

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