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Traits: List

A character is one thing, one whole. How does it affect a person's life? Globally! The fact is that all our actions are justified. We do what our mind and heart tell us. Also one more factor influences our life. In any person there is something like an internal core, which has a direct impact on his behavior. It's about character. This core consists of certain qualities of a person who are entrenched in the process of daily activities.

The character traits of a person, the list of which will be considered in this article, are different. Some of them make us better, others - worse. The list of character traits is extensive. All of them somehow influence our life. Is it possible to change the character? Yes, you can. It's hard to do, but sometimes you just can not do without it. We are not always to blame for who we are. Incorrect education, a bad company, inappropriate education can all have a bad effect on the character of the person. Man gets bad qualities, and he starts to think that they are the norm. Timely awareness of the problem will help solve it.

Character traits, the list of which we will consider, also affect how we communicate with others. Do you have few friends? Perhaps the problem is not in people, but in the fact that you need to change your inner self.

Traits: List

An important positive feature of nature is diligence. Any person ready to work will achieve a lot. It's not about the ability to unload carriages, but about labor in general: both physical and intellectual. Possessing such a trait of character as diligence, do not stand still, but constantly look for more and more new activities in which they could realize themselves. Opposite to this character trait will be laziness. Of course, it spoils people. The man for her reason becomes difficult to rise, inert, unable to achieve the set goals.

Character traits, the list of which is wide, include also kindness. Kind people are open to the world, they are always ready to help the needy. They refuse from evil, because they understand that bad deeds will lead to nothing good. The opposite of character will be anger.

Excellent quality of character - courage. Courageous people are always ahead. They are not afraid of any life difficulties, they are all on their shoulder. Speaking of courage, we can not fail to mention bravery. Courage is also an excellent quality of human character.

What about cowardice? People who are owners of this character trait are constantly in the back rows. Often life passes by them. They do not find the strength and courage to do something new, something that would change not only themselves, but also the world around them.

Character traits, the list of which is presented here, are diverse. They can also include sociability. It helps us to establish contacts with other people, make new acquaintances, support old ones, and so on. Man is a social being. This means that while living in society, it is necessary to be able to contact with your own kind. Unusability is a negative trait of character. Being a loner is good, but not always. It is worth thinking about what awaits us ahead. Sooner or later you will still want to see people close to you on which you can really rely.

Here is a list of positive qualities of a person:

- benevolence;

- openness;

- philanthropy;

- perseverance;

- openness to the new;

- seriousness;

- good nature;

- restraint;

- tactfulness;

- gaiety;

- purposefulness;

Perseverance and so on.

Here is a list of negative features of a person's character :

- inertia;

- envy;

- aggression;

- idleness;

- Closed;

- ill will;

- restlessness and so on.

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