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What are the norms for fizo for Russian servicemen

Today, the army is equipped with the most modern weapons, for work with which no physical effort is needed. To manage it, you just need to click on the desired button. However, if all military stocks are exhausted, the military must enter into a personal confrontation, when victory depends only on physical preparation. To monitor the quality of military training, standards for fizo for military personnel have been developed. All the training criteria for each type of troops are prescribed in them.

Particularly important are the regulations for fizo for contract servicemen who serve in special units, such as reconnaissance, landing troops. They often have to resort to combat with opponents.

Regulations on physical training

In 2009, Order No. 200 was signed on the "Manual on Physical Training in the Armed Forces", where there are clear criteria for assessing physical training, depending on the group to which the military belongs and on the length of his service.

For example, the approved standards for military personnel for military personnel contain information about the following groups:

  • Contract servicemen;
  • Conscripts;
  • Special forces;
  • Students of universities;
  • Officers;
  • Ensigns.

Since not only men but also girls serve in the army, certain indicators are also provided for them. By the way, the standards for fizo for military servicemen of women, take into account their age.

What should seniors know?

The arrived soldiers on the basis of the assessment of physical training are distributed to the places of service. Within two weeks they should demonstrate the following results:

  • Pulling up on the crossbar - 10 times;
  • Push-up - 45 times;
  • Running on 100 m - 15 s;
  • Cross 3 km - 14 min.

The same standards are provided for contractors under the age of thirty. It should be noted that the assessment of training should be conducted under favorable weather conditions. If the weather does not allow you to meet all requirements, then the test is conducted indoors.

When standards for fizo for military personnel were developed, the general level of training of modern youth was taken into account, because hypodynamism and sedentary lifestyle lead to rapid fatigue. Its signs should be known to officers evaluating fizo. This is a necessary condition for the timely termination of the exercise and prevention of syncope.

Norms for contract personnel

Requirements for physical training are higher for contract workers than for conscripts. However, the age is taken into account. For men younger than 30 years, the same results are provided as for the conscripts. Age group over 30 years old should be able to:

  • Pulling up on the crossbar - 8 times;
  • Push-up - 40 times;
  • Running (100 meters) - 16 seconds;
  • Running for 3 km - for 15 minutes.

These are standard requirements that are not surrendered in all branches of the armed forces. In some of them, the level of fizo must be several times higher than that of the conscripts. To find out which type of troops a candidate can claim, evaluate his training. After that, determine which group of three existing ones to send to the service:

  • Group 1 - Air Force, assault landing, reconnaissance, special forces.
  • Group 2 - combat unit, combat support, radio station;
  • Group 3 - material support services, medical care, underwater and naval troops.

Standards for women

Since not only men but also women serve in the army, they also developed the norms for fizo for military personnel under the contract. They are divided into two groups: for those who are younger and for those who are older than 25 years.

Women under the age of 25 must:

  • Pull up 12 times;
  • Do 25 torso torsos;
  • Run 100 m in no more than 19 seconds;
  • Cross in 3 km to run for 25 minutes.

Women over the age of 25 must:

  • Press on the crossbar at least 10 times;
  • Do at least 20 torso torsos;
  • Run 100 m in 25 seconds;
  • Run 3 km in 30 minutes.

There are also norms of exercises that women are required to perform weekly.

Medical standards

During the physical training, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the employee by a medical worker. During the tests, he measured blood pressure, heart rate, BHD to determine the load ceiling. For each category of candidates, their indicators are provided.

To make it more convenient to understand which group and with what indicators the standards for military personnel should pass, it is necessary to know the limits of the heart rate:

  • At low load: 125 strokes and minutes for men of the 1st group and up to 120 blows for men of the second group, in the third one it is allowed to 115, in the fourth - up to 110, and in the fifth - 105;
  • The average value of the goods: the first group - up to 145, the second - to 140, the third - to 135, the fourth - to 130, and the fifth to 125;
  • High load: the first group - up to 170 beats per minute, the second and third - 165, the fourth - 145, the fifth - 135.

The results of the tests are scored.

Training Verification Program

The level of preparation is assessed when performing the following groups of exercises:

  • endurance;
  • Agility;
  • speed;
  • Strength exercises;
  • Applied military skills.

A full list of the exercises that are used for this is contained in Appendix 17 to the NFP 2009. When passing the standards, only a portion of them are proposed, listed in the list. It depends on the professional activities of the military and the place of his service.

Beginners give up running at different distances, pulling up, swimming. Evaluation of the results is carried out on a 100-point scale. When passing on perfectly, can deliver from 75 points. The score "good" indicates minor errors and is estimated at 60 points. The rating "satisfactory" indicates the uncertainty of passing the standards and is estimated at 35 points.


When the standards are passed, an assessment is made of the training of women and men and their distribution by services. This helps to maintain not only a high level of combat capability, but also the excellent health of every military man. Thanks to the standards, the Russian army is considered the strongest in personal confrontation.

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