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Vomiting: symptoms and the main actions of the patient

Today, people suffer from a variety of diseases, sometimes leading their bodies to a terrible state. Can I somehow independently diagnose the curvature of the intestines? Will somehow be able to provide first aid or is it better to contact a doctor at once?

About the disease

It should be noted that the turn of the intestines is one of the varieties of intestinal obstruction. It happens as a consequence of a change in the position of this kind of interior - their plexus or turn.

Small intestine

How to determine the curvature of the intestines? Symptoms, by the way, can be somewhat different, for example, with the defeat of the small and large intestine. Thus, the most severe form of the disease is observed if the small intestine is twisted. In this situation, a person can feel sharp, acute pain in the upper abdomen, back, possibly navel. All this is accompanied by a frequent return of freshly eaten food. Sometimes there is vomiting of bile. There may also be a build-up of gases, as the characteristic grumbling in the womb will tell. If there was a turn in the intestines, the symptoms can manifest itself in the form of an asymmetric abdominal distention ( Val's symptom ), which is determined "without eye" by the eye. Sometimes there is also a pallor of the patient, low blood pressure and rapid heart rate. It should be noted that the more twisted these entrails, the more pronounced all the above symptoms in the patient. If the patient does not provide timely assistance, after eight hours everything can end in a lethal outcome.

Sigmoid colon

Older people may experience sigmoid inversion. Symptoms are periodic. This means that from time to time the sigmoid colon will simply wrap around, which will receive a certain signal - a pain in the abdomen. If the treatment is not started on time, the natural gas leakage will be stopped, the chair will disappear. If even at this stage the disease remains untreated, symptoms similar to those of the previous type of disease will begin to appear. If there is such a turning of the intestines, the treatment is a surgical intervention. Surgeons note that during the operation in the patient's body, the bowel is swollen from gases and feces, sometimes its dimensions may exceed the normal parameters by 10-15 times.


There is another inversion of the intestines, the symptoms of which should also be considered. Here we will talk about the cecum. The onset of the disease will be almost similar to the lesion of the sigmoid part - the absence of stools and the cessation of the natural release of gases. There may also be Val's syndrome, but the swelling will be concentrated in the left side, while the right side of the abdomen will remain almost normal.

At the doctor

Having determined the signs of bowel turn-on, it is best to seek medical help. After all every lost minute with such a disease can become fatal and lead even to the death of the patient. What will the doctor do if he gets such a sick person? In addition to the standard examination and listening to sounds in the abdomen, he will send the patient to the X-ray, where it will be clearly visible if there is a twisting of the intestines. If the diagnosis is made, the only thing that awaits the patient is surgical intervention. It can end simply by unraveling the intestine, or maybe by removing the dead parts of it.

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