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Cats of tortoise color bring happiness to the house

Cats tortoise color (tortilla, calico) - a win-win lottery. Yes, yes, it's a lottery. The gene that transmits such a colorful color does not exist. This fur coat is given to Nature exclusively by individuals of the female sex in unpredictable variations. There are, however, exceptions in these exceptions, but their rarity is incredible (for example, one in a million mustachioed gentleman can be born with such a color of wool).

Clear frames and proportions cat tortoiseshell have no color. The main indicator of tortoiseshell is the presence of red color in the coloring. That is, the main tone is added red spots of different sizes and shades. Moreover, there is evidence that this type of coloring is unstable and can vary under various influences, for example, after moulting or childbirth.

According to legend, cats of tortoise color bring happiness to the house. People from time immemorial with pleasure let in three-colored hunters under their roof, considering this fact as God's craft. At the moment, felinologists, reacting to the incredible demand, make a lot of effort to breed animals of this color, creating more and more original shades and combinations.

By the way, classic tortoiseshell cats in Russia were called "riches", and in felinologists used a slightly different term - calico. They are three-color: white-black-red (colors are standard, and shades vary).

This option of combining colors and shades is allowed among animals of almost any breed. It can be Persian cat tortoiseshell, British or Siamese. Differences are only in color. So, it may well be long-haired or short-haired, lilac, chocolate or black "turtles". In some cases, inexperienced breeders confuse the color of the tabby with tortoiseshell, similar in the presence of bands of different shades, but having (according to existing prescribed standards) several color marks on the face. A mixture of tartan and tabby gives the color of the torby (tortilla).

The color of the eyes of cats depends on the shade of the coat. Almost all "turtles" of all breeds have copper-orange bright eyes. For example, an Siberian cat, whose tortoiseshell color distinguishes it among the rest of its brethren, should have a bright-red tinge of the eyes as an exception to the breed standard.

It should also be noted that in the classifications of different felinological associations, different requirements for shades and coloring types for different breeds are prescribed.

We have told you only about the general provisions existing at the moment with respect to baleen "turtles". At exhibitions at cats of similar color first of all the type of skeleton, the form of a head, a structure of ears and only last color is estimated. Evaluation in this case has a purely "flavor" character. That is, if the judge likes, then you are in the lead, if not, then "alas and ah." As they say, there is no dispute about tastes. There are, of course, some conditional criteria, for example, brightness and quality of the wool, but the shade itself is not strictly defined by strict standards, that is strict standards.

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