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Visit the Samara Zoo! Samara: places for rest and entertainment

Watching wild animals is very interesting. Almost all people - adults and children alike - like to go to the zoo. Samara is a fairly large city that boasts its own wildlife kingdom, open to all visitors. To date, the Samara Zoo is home to more than 1,000 animals from around the world, including representatives of fairly rare species.

When did Samara have its own zoo?

For the first time the zoological park in Samara was opened in 1992. The collection of animals consisted of 46 species (80 individuals) and belonged to the cooperative "Teremok". Originally the exhibition of animals worked with seasonal movement. In the summer you could look at the animals in the park named after Yuri Gagarin, and by the winter you could move to the greenhouses of the Zhigulevsky Gardens. At that time, there were significant problems with the organization of living conditions for animals and feeding, against which there was a need to equip a permanent zoo. Samara is a big city, the problem was the financial side of the issue and the choice of a suitable location. In 1997, the animal park moved to the underground of the underground.

City Zoo (Samara): address, working hours, cost of visiting

And yet some difficulties in the life of the zoo after obtaining a permanent residence permit were present. Global work to improve animal welfare and care began in 2005. And indeed, in a very short time there was a radical transformation, visitors could see the updated zoo. Samara asked for help from colleagues from Moscow. Today, the animals of the Samara Zoological Park feed on the formulas derived from the capital's zoo, are promptly examined and observed by specialists. At the same time, despite all the improvements, it was possible to keep democratic prices for tickets: 200 rubles - adult, 100 rubles - children under 7 years, kids up to 2 years - free of charge. The park is located at: Novo-Sadovaya street, 146, its doors are open to visitors from 10:00 to 19:00 daily, on Monday from 13:00 to 19:00.

Actual information for visitors

On the territory of the zoological park, you can take photos and videos at an additional cost. Also, anyone can feed animals with products purchased in a special tent on the territory of the zoo. Today the collection consists of 190 species of animals, and their total number is about 1100 individuals. The territory is landscaped, there is all necessary infrastructure and places for recreation. Do not know where to go? Go the whole family to the zoo! Samara has other interesting places for recreation with children, but the zoological park is one of the most interesting and significant among them.

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