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Vigilance is a protective property of the body

How often do we hear or use the phrase about the lulling of someone's vigilance? Usually we mean the attention of another person, which we would like to reduce. Vigilance is the alertness needed to detect changes around.

Natural property

Nature has created this quality, so that the body can quickly prepare for certain actions. After all, vigilance is a state that can change, but complete inaction does not occur almost never. Even in a dream, vigilance manifests itself.

Animals throughout their lives retain their attention tense. They react sharply to sounds and touches. During a dream, any unexpectedness can occur. And how sensitive was always the dream of warriors! After all, they need to be prepared for the fact that at any time it will be necessary to rise on alarm. Mindfulness, vigilance, vigilance and foresight are qualities that manifest themselves during such a rest.

Vigilance and fear

It should be taken into account that these concepts can be confused. And a person who is prudent can be understood as cowardly. But vigilance is a manifestation of caution.

In everyday life, very often people confuse fear and attentiveness. But vigilance is a feeling that helps to survive. After all, this sensation can arise even in relation to an attraction in the park or a steep hill on the beach. Perhaps the extreme experience of the event is not worth it, and the man who refused to ride on the spectacular attraction, in fact, was vigilant, not fear. The same can be said about who never forgets to check before leaving the apartment, whether electrical appliances are turned off. This is also a manifestation of mindfulness.

That is, a feeling called vigilance often helps to avoid unpleasant life situations. And various kinds of excesses negatively affect the state of health and the wallet. This quality is very useful, but do not forget about the golden mean.

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