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Enigmatic death of Yesenin

Discouraged the golden grove
Birch, cheerful language ...

Who does not know this poem of the famous master of the word Sergei Yesenin? Like a grove of his own verse, Sergei Alexandrovich also dissuaded him on December 28, 1925. Talk about what actually was the death of Yesenin, do not stop until today. Was it suicide, as written in the death report? Or did the Russian poet say goodbye to his life with the help of ill-wishers?


According to the police and forensic experts who investigated this case, an act of suicide was committed. The memories of some of the friends who were with the poet in his last days also point to this. It's not a secret to anyone about the abuse of Esenin's alcohol. As a result of alcoholism, frequent mental disorders forced him to agree to hospital treatment in a psychiatric clinic of the 1st Moscow State University in late November. Unexpected for all was Sergei Alexandrovich's sudden discharge on December 21. And three days later he went to St. Petersburg, where he stayed at the hotel Angleterre. On December 23, Wolf Erlich came to visit the poet , to whom the text of the poem "Good-bye, my friend, good-bye" was the first to pass. He also saw Yesenin as the last. On December 28, Elizabeth Ustinova, the wife of a well-known journalist, came with an invitation to visit Yesenin, and then Erlich came. Nobody opened the door. Suspected of something wrong, they called the hotel administration. Opening the door all saw the corpse of the poet, suspended from the heating pipe. The sudden death of Yesenin shocked everyone, probably because of this and there were so many rumors. Forensic expert Alexander Gilyarevsky so decided the cause of death: how to squeeze the airway due to hanging. All inspections and drawing up of corresponding documents were carried out in the presence of witnesses. It was also found that the dent on the forehead of the deceased is the result of contact with the heating pipe. A dent over the right eye was formed from contact with the hot tube, and as a result, the skin dried and wrinkled.
In the course of the investigative experiment , 7 pieces of the poet's head were made, on the basis of which these conclusions were drawn. Mental disorder in the deceased confirms the medical report of March 24, 1924, the psychiatric clinic of the 1st MSU.


The mystery of Yesenin's death has not yet been solved. Many opponents of the authorities insist on killing the poet. And besides, they find many arguments about this. Firstly, Yesenin's death is in no way connected with the verse dedicated to Wolf Erich. The mother of the Russian poet, Tatyana Feodorovna argues that the poem "Goodbye, my friend, goodbye" was created a few months before his death. And nothing suicidal in him, as the lines were dedicated to Alexei Ganin, Yesenin's friend, who was sentenced to death. That's just the question: why devote such a sad verse to a friend who is waiting for death? Another inconsistency is that Yesenin's death is not confirmed by any papers other than several acts and protocols of inquiries. There are no documents with a description of the scene of the accident and the conduct of investigative experiments. In addition, the stain on the right century advocates of this point of view is seen as a trace from the bullet.

In January 1926, the death case was already closed, and no document was added to the case. Sergei Yesenin, who died on December 25, 1925, was an open person and friends did not notice any change in behavior.

The true cause has not yet been found. So can leave the master of the beautiful word alone, the real craftsman not only to write, but also to think metaphorically? Supporters of suicide do not take into account the facts given by others, and the latter, in turn, do not accept the evidence of the former. Perhaps it would be better to leave Esenin's death, no matter what? It is better to let him rest peacefully in the next world, and we continue to enjoy his poems in the light of this.

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