Insurance of property of citizens: information and advice

The prosperity of the population of our country is growing and in connection with this, the insurance of property of citizens is gaining increasing popularity. Today , real estate insurance is especially in demand. Apartments and houses are growing in price, and therefore it is understandable the desire of each owner to protect themselves financially from a variety of unforeseen situations and accidents. Having concluded the contract on insurance of property of citizens, at the same time there is an opportunity to receive and insurance of household property, which includes monetary compensation for damage to interior objects, household appliances, as well as jewelry and art valuables and clothing. In the role of the insured, every able citizen can act , regardless of whether he knows in advance that an insured event may occur or simply wants to protect himself and his property from the occurrence of force majeure situations.

If a citizen has concluded a voluntary contract with the insurance company for the insurance of household property, then it can be considered that he has secured himself and will receive compensation for damage from such risks as flood, fire, arson, water from any type of pipeline systems, theft and robbery, unlawful actions , Intentional destruction of property, vandalism and hooliganism. The cost of services stipulated in the contract depends on the number of the conditions considered. In the same cases, when an apartment is purchased for mortgage lending, then real estate insurance acquires a mandatory nature. The same case occurs when real estate is given as collateral for obtaining a loan from a bank.

Insurance of property of citizens extends to residential buildings, if it is intended for temporary or permanent residence. The contract includes finishing. And engineering and technical equipment. Also, additional objects and structures such as baths, a garage, a greenhouse, a fence, etc. may be subject to insurance. When concluding a contract for apartment insurance there are exactly the same conditions. Many efficient owners today insure both landscape structures and even elements of landscape design, as well as those engineering systems that are available on the land.

Insurance of property of citizens can not be concluded on dilapidated real estate, on houses subject to demolition and apartments and buildings in emergency condition. Also not insured, the so-called expendable property. Cosmetic supplies, medicines, food, pet food, supplies for household and office equipment, seedlings and seeds, documentation and securities, including money, photo and video materials, religious objects and jewelry of natural origin, such as gold bars And mineral stones.

Insurance is a responsible step and therefore, when concluding a contract, one must be sure of the reliability of the insurer. It must be remembered that this is still a business and the insurance company's main goal is to make a profit with minimal costs. In order not to become a victim of unscrupulous insurers and to receive compensation due in the situation of the occurrence of an insured event, when signing a contract, we must carefully study the conditions that it contains. The wording should be clear and understandable, without omissions and understatements. Everyone decides even the smallest details and it may even be better to use the services of an insurance broker to get insurance indemnity in full.

Remember that your well-being depends on your rationalism and mindfulness.

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