Jacket for jeans: a little insolence does not hurt

Fashion is a special branch in the life of mankind, dictating a body of its own, sometimes reckless, rules. It's not so easy to chase after her. Those things that flash on the catwalks today, tomorrow can be called obsolete. But is it worth it in a hurry to get rid of a fashion out of fashion wardrobe? After all, from time to time things can again be at the peak of the trend. It's enough just to catch the very moment when my mother's or even my grandmother's sweatshirt (skirt, raincoat or coat) will cause the public not mocking but envious glances.

Today we will analyze such an interesting detail of a modern wardrobe, like a jacket. Under his jeans, it would seem, no one has ever worn before. But what do we see now? Leading European fashion designers offer the girls exactly this option a somewhat cheeky and very comfortable image. This is the perfect look for an urban girl who values comfort and a bright note in her everyday life. But you need to be able to correctly combine the details of your own image, so that the top looks great with the bottom. After all, not all jackets under jeans can be worn fearlessly.

Re-shake your entire cabinet thoroughly. We are sure that there will certainly be some old jacket, which, despite its advanced age, is perfectly preserved in cozy furniture bowels. In order to choose the most advantageous version of jeans for this thing, you need to orient yourself, first of all, to the style of the find that has returned to fashion. It is the jacket that will further dictate the rules by which we collect a stunning outfit.

If the thing is solid, then consider that you are lucky. In this case, it is almost impossible to make a mistake, because the simpler the color scheme, the better the jacket for jeans will suit. Excellent will look a black top with a light blue bottom. In this case, if the lining of the jacket has a more motley pattern or contrasts sharply with the rest of the fabric, the sleeves can be carefully turned to the elbow. This option will add alongside the originality and slightly refresh the monotonous image. Blazers of green, blue, red and other brighter colors will look good with dark-colored jeans. Avoid too wide models of trousers. They must be straight or slightly narrower down. But too tight models should be left in the closet until better times.

A jacket for jeans must be of the correct size. Do not wear too large or small models. Such things will look awkward, especially if the shoulders are more massive than it should be. Stop your choice on the model fitted. They will visually slender even a plump girl, and also emphasize the wasp waist of those who got an elegant chiseled figure. If the jacket (for jeans it's not so critical), you're still a bit too big, or has a straight cut, then use a wide belt. Wearing such an accessory on the waist, in one motion it will be easy to eliminate this problem. And in accordance with modern fashion trends.

A special glamor are such models of jackets, which are fastened with just one central button. These options are perfectly combined with both monotonous turtlenecks, and with bright satin blouses. At the same time, such an image can be either everyday, or for a special case. Who said that the opposite sex attracts only short skirts? Naughty and slightly cocky style always gives the girl a peppercorn.

Jackets for women under jeans are now worn by almost all women of European capitals. They penetrated the cloakrooms of celebrities and managed to celebrate hundreds of shows by leading stylists and designers. However, do not rush to storm boutiques in search of a worthwhile thing. It may well be that it is in your closet that the real trend of the season hangs.

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