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Valeria Fedorovich: biography, filmography

One of the heroines of the popular Russian TV series "Kitchen" was played by Valeriya Fedorovich. Biography effective blonde hardly interested in the press, if she did not play the role of Katya Semenova - the daughter of an eccentric and a lot of drinking specialist for cooking high French cuisine. What other roles did Valery Fyodorovich play in the movie?


The future actress was born in the Nizhny Novgorod region, in 1992. Valeria's parents have nothing to do with theatrical art. Father is a soldier. Mother is an engineer.

Valeria Fedorovich, a biography whose personal life is now often covered in the press, has been living in Moscow since the age of eight. Thanks to her father's profession, she was in the capital at a very tender age. So it was not necessary to leave her father's house and go to conquer the capital.

The future actress in the school years was engaged in dancing, vocals. The dream of becoming an actress visited her pretty early. And despite the innate modesty and isolation - the features of nature, not inherent, unlike Fedorovich, her heroine in the movie "Kitchen" - Lera after graduation filed documents in the school. Shchepkina. Examinations Fedorovich withstood and became a student of one of the most prestigious theatrical high schools in Russia.

Carier start

In the student staging of "Zoykina apartment" one of the main roles was played by Valery Fedorovich. Her biography would have developed quite differently, if one of the rehearsals did not come to the assistant producer of the TV series "Kitchen". The student of the theatrical school, in the opinion of the casting director, was ideally suited for the role of the eldest daughter of the errant chef.

The proposal to star in the most popular series starter actress took without much enthusiasm. After all, students "Shivers" usually dream of real, theatrical work. But the study was coming to an end. The leaders of the capital's theaters were not in a hurry to offer cooperation to the school graduate. That's why she accepted the offer to appear in the series Valery Fedorovich. The photo, the biography of the heroine she played, is presented below.

Famous role

Katya Semenova, who played Fedorovich, appears in the third season. The heroine of this article played the role of Viktor Barinov's daughter from his first marriage. Katya spent several years in France, studying the craftsmanship of preparing dishes of molecular cuisine. Then she returned to Moscow, and despite her father's dissatisfaction, I got a job in Dmitry Nagieva's restaurant.

Katya Semenova - a tough girl, strong-willed. According to the words of the actress, she herself has little in common with her famous heroine. Valeria is a soft and rather indecisive person.

Other roles

Actress Valeria Fedorovich, whose biography and creative path were predetermined by participation in the famous series, began to receive thanks to the project "Kitchen" a lot of proposals from the directors.

In the filmography of the actress there are roles in the following films:

  • "Violetta from Atamanovka";
  • "Survive after";
  • "The Case at the Pass of Dyatlov";
  • "Everything will return";
  • "Farewell, my beloved!";
  • "At a distant outpost";
  • "Eternal Holiday".

"Survive after" - a film by Fyodor Bondarchuk. In the television series it is about the fate of residents of a huge city, infected with a deadly virus.

In 2016, the shooting of the film "Eternal Holiday" took place, for which Fedorovich changed the image. The actress this time played the role of the daughter of a millionaire, Katya - an eccentric and capricious person. Valeria's partner in this work is Konstantin Kryuchkov. The heroine Fyodorovich did not experience in her life either financial difficulties or mental anguish. She does not want to know about how ordinary people live. Once Katia organizes the celebration of her birthday.

The venue of the event is the yacht. However, at the height of the celebration, the fault of the birthday girl is an emergency. A millionaire father punishes her negligent daughter by sending her on a trip, during which significant changes are taking place in her soul.

In the film "Violetta from Atamanovka" Valery Fedorovich, whose biography is presented to this article, was played back in 2013. Its role is secondary. On the set, partners such as Andrey Kuzichev, Yevgenia Dmitrieva became partners with Fedorovich.

Personal life

Valeria Fedorovich, a biography whose personal life is closely connected with cinema and theater, has recently changed her marital status. In 2013, the actress married her colleague. Chosen Valeria - theater actor Maxim Onishchenko. However, due to the harsh regime of filming the series, the honeymoon lasted not so long as the young artists would like - only six weeks.

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