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Twins-woman in love

Twins-woman is changeable, like all representatives of this sign. She is quite intelligent and often has a literary gift. She is charming, light, loves to flirt. Thanks to his character, he easily wins both in his career and in his personal life.

On the one hand, the mind, excellent character and communication skills help to reach at times considerable heights in the professional sense, but at the same time these qualities do not allow to find the unique and unique man. Twins-a woman quite thoroughly relates to men, the mind is above feelings, and to its ideal, it makes high demands. Such men are very rare. Random ties in her life are few, and then they happen only for the sake of physical satisfaction and sex.

Such women are not abandoned, it is impossible not to love. They leave themselves, quietly, without unnecessary scenes and conversations, and do so in such a way that the partner remains a loyal and faithful friend and feels for this woman only respect and no negative emotions.

To the developed mind it is possible to add high sensitivity and sentimentality. A woman of the sign Gemini with tears in her eyes watching melodramas, sometimes even the slightest trifle can cause tears and spoil the mood. Sometimes they are inconsistent, grab for several cases at the same time, and in the end, not one.

Life is not always so carefree as the Gemini character. The alternation of black and white bands, there is bad luck and even a fairly long period of time. They are happy then deeply unhappy. They are rich and live in luxury, then they slide down to extreme poverty. Twins-women are afraid of failures, if something goes wrong in life, she drops her hands and ceases to struggle just drifting with the flow. But when you manage to pull yourself together again, luck turns your face, and diligence and perseverance help to achieve the former heights.

Loving her is easy and pleasant. A twins-woman in love is rather unpretentious, but on condition that next to her is her perfect man.

She does not like when a partner complicates a relationship, over-dramatizes, looks for shortcomings, tries to change something. The woman herself treats everything calmly, does not fixate herself on family problems. It's easier to remain silent and forget than to start analyzing the situation, because then the relationship loses its ease, which it appreciates.

She does not tolerate importunity and annoyance, she does not particularly enthusiastic about the manifestations of romance. There is and okay, no - also nothing. Twins-a woman values very different qualities. Her ideal companion is a good conversationalist, with whom you can talk for hours on a wide variety of topics. A woman in general likes to talk, she needs a man who will not wave off when she begins to talk about how she chose a blouse or will begin to share problems at work. So, the partner's intelligence and ability to listen is much appreciated much higher than a fat wallet, a pretty face and sugary compliments.

A loving Twin woman in any situation will support her man. This is the breed of women who are ready to go after their husbands for hard labor in Siberia. She loves sincerely, she seems to be created for this. Sentimental, charming, intelligent, romantic. Great combination!

The only thing is, she does not always control her emotions and is subject to mood changes, but this is a trifle compared to other qualities. If you consider a sexual horoscope, Twins, a woman is not fixated on sex. It will quite easily withstand a long period of time without it, if the beloved is somewhere far away. Well, if she is lonely, then relations for one night are quite acceptable for her without any obligations.

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