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The nature of Gemini. Features of the sign of the Zodiac

All people are different, this fact is not disputed by anyone. Their features, many believe in this, are determined in some way by the date of birth. There is something in common with Aries or Lions, Scorpions or Taurus. Let's look at the Gemini character. How do people born under this sign differ from others, what are their features, affecting behavior and destiny? Interesting?

General information

Describe the nature of Gemini is extremely difficult. They are even difficult to distinguish from the crowd. The fact is that their distinctive feature is multifacetedness. Moreover, the pair, in fact, the constellation gives them a permanent internal dialogue. This, of course, is not a split personality, but something about that. In view of the constant dispute, a person born during the Gemini period quietly refuses some qualities or foundational postulates and accepts others, often the opposite. These people are changing beyond recognition. In general, it is commonly believed that they are intelligent and resourceful, curious and mobile. From this set grow their inconstancy and irresponsibility, which can not be considered good qualities. However, it should be understood that the year of birth imposes a certain imprint on a person. For example, Twins Dragons are stubborn and quick-tempered people. The external effect of actions is important to them. They do not particularly care about the logic of the life line. Nevertheless, all Gemini combines quick thinking, the ability to develop their own approach to understanding the world around them, the ability to maneuver and find unexpected solutions.

Principles of communication and positioning

When considering the nature of Gemini, it is necessary not only to look inside, but also to look at what a person wants to seem to others. We all live in individual models. Twins differ from other signs by the fact that they can change them depending on the circumstances. Astrologers say that communication with these individuals is not always pleasant. The nature of Gemini does not have to radiate heat. They are often cold and unapproachable. Naturally, such behavior without visible causes discourages others. Close people get used to these nuances. After all, coldness does not mean a negative attitude. So people of this sign defend their own independence. Simply to say, they are afraid to get too close with another person. It should be understood, Gemini and so not boring, they are a couple (inside). What for also external loading on brains? Described feature is perfectly demonstrated by the guy-Gemini. A young man can shroud a girl like the ice so that she will turn to the Snow Queen at once. And the point is that the young man does not yet know how to manage his complex features, to control them. The nature of Gemini is difficult not only for others. They themselves are hard. We need to work on ourselves more than other signs.

How do Twins behave in society?

What does not take away from people this sign, so it's eloquence. They basically not only love to talk, but also engage in the process with knowledge. Oratory is in their blood. Especially distinguished in this is the Twins-Dragons. They are constantly in search of new interesting topics, audiences, forms of presentation of material. They would be engaged in translating the truth into the world - that will become more beautiful and purer. One drawback spoils this enchanting mono performance. Twins often turn out to be bad listeners. They interrupt people who think slower, often treat them like stupid people. If you do not control yourself, you can stay without an audience. People will prefer to stay without an interesting story, so as not to get under fire from the "smart guy". Gemini is recommended to cultivate tolerance, be more reserved and kinder. And the truth is, their Universe has awarded such sharpness that other signs are difficult for them to keep up. Be merciful. After all, and you, dear Gemini, have their drawbacks!

Leadership skills

It could be stated that such a sign does not exist, and complete the survey of the question. But there is a certain nuance, which must take into account the Twins and their grateful listeners. He is imprisoned in a mission that the Universe commissioned representatives of our sign. They are considered "heralds of the Gods". Quality is rarely seen, but, so to speak, aptly. Everything happens as follows. A person who is under the influence of our sign says a lot and willingly. He is listened with pleasure, but not as a leader, but as an equal. However, in his speech, thoughts or ideas slip that some listeners fall into the soul. A person then not only ponders an interesting aspect or fact. By the results of this inner work, his whole destiny can change. It is especially recommended to listen when the Monkey-Twin is speaking. After all, the year of birth gives these people special observation. They attach their notes to the rhetoric, which is useful for others. And intuitive insights of this combination of signs happen more often, their depth simply amazes the thoughtful listener.

Gemini's mission in the world

It is impossible to consider the character of a person, ignoring his higher mission. And it is for everyone. Listen to what your familiar monkey-twin says, feel it with all the fibers of the soul! The purpose of our sign is very important. Twins are spirit, in fact. They came to earth to connect the higher and the material. They should often think about how they affect ordinary life. By their behavior, decisions, these people change reality, elevating it as much as it turns out. The internal state of these people is elusive and ephemeral, but powerful and effective. For example, the Gemini guy can make a queen out of any ugly woman, falling in love with her. The appearance of the young lady does not change, but she will feel like the ruler of the universe! The same is the influence of any representative of the sign on married events. He inspires them that he is worth a lot.

Attitude to life

Another important characteristic of any person is how he builds his destiny. Gemini in this sense it is extremely important to avoid any kind of stagnation. They need constant movement. This is due to their mission. The spirit can not stop, immediate degradation begins. Falling into despair, Gemini quickly fall ill. Just their strengths melt like ice in a hot desert. They need constant replenishment, consisting in a new challenge, the ground for filling with meanings. Naturally, there are some differences related to the influence of the year. So, Twins-Snake live a little slower. They penetrate deeper into the events. For changes, they need more time. But their influence is more global than that of others.


To their condition, these people are usually attentive, which is due to the unprecedented treatment in their subtle bodies of energy. They constantly process a lot of information, without realizing it. To restore strength they need a strong, healthy, calm sleep. Even these people are extremely useful for limited physical activity. But they should not go to the sport. The exception is the Rat-Gemini. And those more abilities and talents demonstrate in mental exercises. Iron health Twins never differ. But they are seriously ill only in rare moments of depression. It is desirable not to allow this state. It will be very hard to get out. If the inner spirit begins to degrade, ceases to impregnate ideas with space, then a person will easily slip into alcoholism or worse.

Relations with other signs

In fact, representatives of the sign do not have special difficulties in communication. Gemini and Pisces interact very well. They always have something to discuss. In addition, the Twins perfectly interact with Capricorns and archers in the business sphere. But they should not be charged with tedious digging in documents. It is better to put on them organizational issues and advertising. In the last Gemini are considered ases. An important in the life of people born under the sign described, can be friendship with Scorpio. Eternally soaring in the clouds of Gemini, this buddy will be lowered to sinful earth, stimulating him to rational activity. However, business ties between them often end badly. Scorpio is bored with the morals and impulses of Gemini. He after a certain period will try to push the unpleasant partner from the cart. Such an event will hurt Gemini not so much financially as emotionally. Representatives of the sign are not recommended stresses arising on the initiative of those whom they trust. Therefore, in the choice of partners they should be very careful. Well, in love, no one is as suited to each other as Gemini and Pisces. They subconsciously build their own special world, incomprehensible to others. It is warm and cozy to both. Yes, and the occasional guest gets the opportunity to plunge into the cloud of serene serenity of a loving idyll.


Studying the character of any person, one should look into his soul. Behavior is born of inner postulates and principles, mostly dependent on the constellation under which the person embodied on our planet!

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