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"Topchan" - chayhona on the Leningrad Highway. Description, menu, reviews

In Central Asia and Azerbaijan, one of the popular catering establishments is the tea-house. It is customary to serve tea and delicious sweets to it. In Moscow, too, there are such institutions. About one of them - chayhone "Topchan" - we will tell you today.

Address and opening hours

Eastern cuisine and national traditions have always been of interest to the Russian people. In Moscow there is a whole network of restaurants "Topchan". One of them is on the Leningrad Highway, 112. You can take the subway to get here. The nearest metro station is "Rechnoy Vokzal". Opening Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday: 08.00 - 02.00;
  • Friday: 08.00 - 04.00;
  • Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm;
  • Sunday: 10.00 - 02.00.


In the tea house "Topchan" you will be met by the wonderful world of the East. The interior of the establishment fascinates the visitors. The walls are lined with mosaic tiles, soft cushions, unusual chandeliers, an abundance of greenery, chic curtains and other details. All of the above creates a feeling of luxury and comfort. Here you can celebrate a solemn event or just sit with friends, ordering a delicious and fragrant tea with desserts. The restaurant has several huge screens.

The building of the tea house "Topchan" consists of three floors, each of which has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Let's see what is there. On the first two floors there are halls that can accommodate up to three hundred people. Banquet and karaoke are on the third. Also in the tea house "Topchan" there are small rooms where you can retire and smoke a hookah. The peculiarities of the institution include:

  • Free parking zone;
  • Broadcasting sports and entertainment programs;
  • cashless payments;
  • Presence of a bar rack;
  • Live music.

It is worth paying attention to the shares that offer visitors in the restaurant. Among them:

  • A discount of 20% on all the menus. For this you need to take a document certifying this fact.
  • On weekdays, you can have a delicious lunch and get a 30% discount.

Chayhona "Topchan": the menu

It is easy to guess that the visitors here are waiting for the oriental cuisine. Let's see what the menu offers:

  • Warm salad with chicken liver.
  • National fermented snack "Syuzma".
  • Salad "Samarkand". It consists of the following products: pickled mushrooms, cucumbers, beef tongue, chicken fillet.
  • Shurpa "Lazzat".
  • Lamb's lamb is in Uzbek.
  • Assorted greenery.
  • Lagman is the Uigur.
  • Vareniki with cottage cheese and cherry sauce.
  • Soup from cauliflower with apple.
  • Kabob from tiger shrimps.
  • Cheburek with cheese and greens.
  • Samsa with chicken.
  • Pshlok gumma. This is the name of a thin flat cake with cheese filling.
  • Kazan dolma with veal.
  • Sudak in Bukhara, etc.

And is there an assortment of desserts and teas? After all, as we know, in the tea-house it is accepted to serve both. The restaurant's tea card contains several dozen names: "Bukhara", "Tashkent", milk oolongs, red teas, pepper and others. The abundance of desserts is also pleasant to the visitors. Here are just a few of them: Pistachio dessert, Medovik, Napoleon, Smetannik, Chocolate Volcano, etc. There is also a children's menu.

Guest Reviews

Chayhona "Topchan" on the Leningrad Highway - a great place to relax with the whole family. While adults relax and enjoy delicious dishes, their favorite children also do not get bored. For them, there are various master classes, as well as a small school of cooks. Children are not only busy with an exciting activity, but they also receive invaluable knowledge that will be useful in their adult life.

The comfortable atmosphere attracts a large number of visitors to the "Topchan" chaikhon. Workers of the institution will always help you choose an exquisite oriental dish according to your taste. And also will prompt, what wine most will approach to it. The evening spent in the restaurant "Topchan" on the Leningrad highway, will be remembered for a long time.

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