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Absence of libido is really a problem?

To begin with it is necessary to be defined with the term "libido". So, what is this? It turns out that it owes its origin to the author of psychoanalysis, Zygmunt Freud, in his work it occupies a central position. He came to the conclusion that libido is a kind of vital energy, the roots of which must be found in sex. Actually, this is the same as the sexual desire in the everyday sense.

Theoretically, if we follow Freud, then the libido is a passion, an inclination, a desire, the goal of which is the attainment of pleasure. The energy of the libido, moving along the erogenous zones, determines the phases of human development. Freud counted five of them:

  1. From birth to one year - the oral stage.
  2. From one year to three years - the anal stage.
  3. From three to five years - a phallic stage.
  4. Five to twelve years is a latent stage.
  5. From the twelve to eighteen years - the genital stage.

Moreover, Freud was deeply convinced that if a development of the libido is disturbed, mental disorders are formed, however, in the course of studies of confirmation, his confidence was not found.

In the understanding of Karl Youngsters, libido is the psychic energy of a person as a whole. He draws analogies of libido with the energy of Qi or Prana, which is inherent in the east.

Modern sexologists believe that libido is a desire for sexual intimacy, which is considered normal for all people who have reached puberty. His formation begins in childhood with the identification of the child of his sex and to full sexual maturity, passing all the intermediate stages, such as platonic love, erotic experience. The mature libido of both sexes is the quintessence of romance, erotica and sex in accordance with the moral and ethical norms of a person's personality.

Factors that increase and decrease libido

Since libido is a sexual desire, and not a purely physical stimulation, its intensity depends on a variety of reasons. According to American sexologists, several major factors that can and should be controlled negatively affect the libido. So, if the libido is gone, then the reason can be:

  • Life is a real problem for many, as a person is completely immersed in caring for the family, home, in professional duties, and time sometimes catastrophically is not enough even for sleep. Sexologists advise in such cases to keep a calendar for the planning of sex, even if it seems ridiculous, but it will help to settle discontent with each other on sexual grounds, later the need for it will disappear.
  • Stress, fear, anxiety. In this state, people forget about sex. In this case, it is not necessary to be hammered into the "cocoon", communication is necessary, to keep the experience is strictly forbidden.
  • Boredom, monotony. The feeling that the relationship has completely exhausted itself and the associated disappointments can be eliminated with the help of a new experience in bed. Intimate conversations on the topic of sexual desire with a partner, a joint study of the secrets of the Kama Sutra will help restore seemingly fading sexual interest to each other.

Reduction of libido in men

Very often the male libido suffers for psychological reasons. In recent years, sexologists have noted a decrease in sexual desire in young, healthy men. The reason for this is often the banal misconceptions imposed by parents since childhood, for example, the duty to create material prosperity for the future family, career growth and the like. So young people have to put all their strength to achieve the "great" goal, this takes years, which they could happily live in a marriage.

Men are much more likely to suffer from chronic fatigue, stress and related depression, which can lead to increased consumption of alcohol and drugs, by the way, prolonged use of marijuana depresses the production of spermatozoa. Sometimes the cause of low libido can be a series of sexual missteps. Naturally, great influence is exerted by physiology, that is, testosterone level.

How to solve the problem yourself?

  1. Start eating normally, not forgetting about vegetables and fruits, as well as about male aphrodisiacs.
  2. To consume foods with a high content of zinc - the necessary building material for testosterone molecules.
  3. Eight-hour sleep in a dark and quiet room is a condition for the normal production of hormones.
  4. It is not necessary to zealous with alcoholic beverages, especially with beer, which is rich in phytoestrogens - analogues of female hormones.

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