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Thrush of a child

Many, probably, heard about such disease as candidiasis or, as people say, thrush. It can manifest itself not only in adults, but also in newborn babies. Thrush in a child is, first of all, a disease that is accompanied by inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Most often, the oral mucosa and the surface of the tongue are affected. Thrush in a child is a very common situation among infants.

Symptoms of candidiasis in babies are whitish spots in the sky, gums, tongue and inner side of the cheeks. First they occupy a small area. However, soon the stains grow to the celiac plaque. A few days later this plaque acquires new shades. It can become gray or yellowish. It is worth noting that all this delivers the baby unpleasant sensations and even pain. The child becomes very restless, constantly cries, refuses to eat, does not suck mother's breast and the like. If the disease is triggered, candidiasis will spread to the entire oral cavity in a short period of time. If you try to remove the plaque with a cotton swab, then in this area you can see the deformed tissue. Often, in this case, blood appears on the surface. Thrush in a child is an occasion for urgent treatment to a specialist. Remember that only a doctor can remove the film from the tongue, cheeks.

The reasons for the development of such ailment are many. Generally thrush is a fungus. He can be passed on to the child through the things that he takes in his mouth. Often, candidiasis infects children at birth, when they pass through the birth canal of a woman. It should be noted that there is a special predisposition of the child to the appearance of such a disease. Weak immunity, premature birth and birth of a premature baby, treatment with drugs and antibiotics - all this contributes to the development of thrush.

Thrush in a child can be cured only with the help of a specialist. Only a doctor can choose the right course, write out the most suitable medicines for a particular patient. Most often for this purpose, such agents as nystatin and baking soda are used. Nystatin should be lubricated by the oral cavity of the child for four days. And with the help of a solution of ordinary soda it is enough simply to remove the plaque. If, for example, thrush occurs in children in the tongue, this solution is applied three times a day for five days.

Thrush in a child - how to treat folk remedies?

Before the doctor prescribes any treatment for candidiasis, you can significantly alleviate the condition of your child. To do this, you need to regularly give your baby to drink warm boiled water. It, in turn, will remove the acidic medium, which is the most suitable for this fungus. You can rinse the baby's mouth with carrot juice. To do this, first add some honey to it. Excellent help with thrush in children infusions zhivoboynika, sap of Kalina, infusion of calendula. Do not forget that each of them must be filtered beforehand.

Regardless of which procedure you have chosen to get rid of the symptoms of candidiasis and the disease in the child, do not make any decisions yourself. In addition, carefully monitor the hygiene of the child's oral cavity . If the baby eats mother's milk, observe the rules of hygiene, regularly wash your nipples. Do not allow the child to take into the mouth dirty objects and those things that have been in the hands of an already diseased baby. Follow the instructions for the use of the drug that was appointed specifically for your child specialist. Only in this way you can save your baby from this unpleasant illness.

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