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The Warmaster ("Marvel"). James Rupert Rhodes

Fans of the "Marvel" series will surely appreciate this article. Today we will talk about one of the heroes, and specifically about the Warmaster. What kind of character is this, what is his role and how has he changed over time? All this is read below.

Let's get acquainted!

The Warmaster from "Marvel" is a popular comic book superhero. The literal translation of the character's name is a "war machine". For the first time in comics this hero appeared in 1979. Its creator is J. Byrne, B. Leighton and D. Micheline. The armor of the Warmaster was created by K. Hopugd and L. Kaminski. Sometimes the hero meets under the pseudonym of Rhoady (Rhodes). In some animated series he performs the main role. In the movie "Iron Man", which was released in 2008, Rhodes was played by T. Howard.

The world of comic books "Marvel" awarded this character with such forces: a warfare in aviation, the ability to fly airplanes, the ability to conduct hand-to-hand combat. The armored suit of the hero gives him additional opportunities. This is a superhuman strength, invulnerability, the ability to fly at high speed and use repulsor energy. The armament of the Warmaster "Marvel" also impresses impressively. He owns a variety of weapons, rockets and lasers.


Iron Warrior from "Marvel" originally appeared as a secondary character. Only in the 170th issue of 1983 Rhodes put on Iron Man's armor. This happened after Iron Man stopped struggling with alcohol dependence. Until 1992, Rowdy continues to appear only in some episodes. The second time he wears the armor after the death of Iron Man. However, Tony Stark returns, and the Warmaster continues his journey in a separate comic book series after a successful work in the West Coast Avengers team. In addition to their own series, the Warmaster often appears in episodes of others and interacts with characters.

Thanks to the Iron Man: Director of SHIELD series, the character gets a separate storyline. In addition, in the last series the Warmaster completely replaces the Iron Man as the protagonist. Thanks to this, the second series begins, dedicated to the adventures of Rowdy. It consists of 12 episodes, after which our hero enters the team of Secret Avengers.

Original image

The hero was born in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Initially, the character is a simple marine lieutenant who is serving in Asia. During the combat operation, the pilot gets stuck in the jungle, as his plane is knocked down by enemy troops. After that, the hero hits the enemy's rear. Shortly, the Warmaster meets the Iron Man, who tells him his escape story from the enemy camp of Wong-Chu. Together against the soldiers, Rowdy and Iron Man learn that there is an enemy rocket base nearby. They destroy it and return to their associates. Rhodes is taken to a field hospital in Saigon. Stark arrives there to thank the hero for help and offer him a job as a personal pilot. Rowdy continues to participate in the war in Vietnam, but after her graduation she accepts Stark's invitation and becomes his personal pilot, close friend and manager of the aviation business at Stark's International.

New hero

Because of the unlawful actions of the well-known villain Obaday Stein, Tony Stark's company is in great debt and is losing international ties. Unexpected problems at work and failures in personal life lead to the fact that Stark begins to abuse alcoholic cocktails. In the next episode, Magma wins the drunken Tony, which causes Rhodes to wear Iron Man's suit to destroy Magma. After a while, Stark himself asks our hero to become a new Iron Man. The warrior and scientists from Stark International decide to sink the remaining armor on the ocean floor, so that Stein and Sh.I.T. do not receive access to it. While Rowdy fights against villains (Radioactive Man, Mandarin, Zodiac), technically he is supported by Dr. Morley Erwin. Soon, Rhodes is part of the West Coast Avengers team and begins to take an active part in the "Secret War" in the Otherworld.

An association

In parallel, Dr. Morley and his sister Dr. Clytemnest, along with Rode, plan to create a new electronic firm in California. To make this possible, Rowdy has to start working in order to be able to provide maintenance services to his armor and accumulate money to finance the company. Stark, who watched this, decides to take part too. As a result, the four heroes create Circuits Maximus. Simultaneously, James Rupert Rhodes increasingly suffers from severe headaches, he becomes irritable and aggressive. Despite the fact that Stark does everything for technical support of the armor, after the words of hatred of Rowdy, he begins to believe that he wants to return the suit to himself. The decisive moment is the battle with Vibro, during which the Warmaster ("Marvel") can not cope with emotions, and Stark has to put on a new test armor in order to somehow prevent Rhodes.

The warrior asks for help from Henry Pym. The doctor sends him to the Shaman from Alpha Order. Cure Roudi succeeds after the mystical experience of the study of the otherworldly dimension. The cause of headaches is the self-flagellation of Rowdy for not being worthy of wearing Iron Man's armor. At this time Stein undermines Circuits Maximus. As a result of the rupture of the bomb, Morley Erwin dies, and Rhodes receives minor injuries. Tony Stark puts on armor to get even with Stein.

Life out of comics

The Champion appears in the animated series Iron Man, where he performs one of the key roles. Also our hero was seen in the cameo in the 1994 film "Spider-Man", and in 1996 in "The Incredible Hulk" and X-Men. Sounded by Daniel Bacon, James Rupert appears in the animated series Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

Also the Warmaster from "Marvel" is in the animated series "Avengers: Mighty Heroes of the Earth". In the plot, the hero combines with Wolverine, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Creature and Spider-Man to fight the Kang-Conqueror. The team had to act alone, because the Avengers at this time could not help because they were captured by the villain. The final scene of the cartoon ends with the battle of the Warmaster from "Marvel" and Galactus. In the battle, other heroes from both sides also participate.

Summing up the article, I want to say that the Warmaster ("Marvel") is one of the most interesting heroes of comic books and animated series. Initially, he was given a secondary role, but he managed to fall in love with the audience and win the leading roles.

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