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The series "Black Love": the content of the series

The series "Black Love" was released on October 20, 2015. It consists of two seasons, numbering sixty-seven series. Each episode of the series lasts from one hundred and thirty to one hundred and fifty minutes. But not the number of episodes and seasons gave the series recognition of the audience, and the stories of the main characters.

The series "Black Love"

The dramatic drama tells the story that happened in Turkish Istanbul. The city, divided by a bridge to the European and Asian parts, is thriving. But not all residents of the same shore have the same opportunities.

Kemal is the middle son of his parents. His family is barely making ends meet. Each of the members of the family is working to survive. This year Kemal is finishing the mining faculty. But he does not believe in miracles and understands that he can not find a decent job. And even more so the young man does not believe in such a tale as love. Soon, a noisy Nihan bursts into his life. She turns everything upside down.

Kemal and Nihan come from different backgrounds. He - the son of ordinary workers, she - a resident of the rich and glamorous areas in the series "Black Love". A brief series will show whether they can find love in each other. Or is such a union doomed to a tragic final? What will the painting "Black Love" end with? The contents of the series from the first to the ninth will tell us how it all began.


Kemal and Nihan met, and from this moment the life of the young man changes radically. From this moment the relations of young people in the series "Black Love" begin to develop. The brief content of the series will make it easy to follow the intricate storyline.

Kemal and Nihan understand that their union is impossible - they belong to different worlds. Because of this, the young man leaves his native city in Zonguldak. But Nihan has obligations - she is engaged. Shortly after Kemal's departure, she marries the Emir. However, the girl keeps a secret.

Thus ends the opening part of the series "Black Love". The content of the series of this block tells the viewer that five years have passed since then. All this time Kemal was completely immersed in the work. He changed and after a long absence decided to return to Istanbul. For several years Kemal has become an excellent specialist, and now he is the main competitor of the Emir. When Nihan finds out that Kemal has returned to the city, he tries to meet with him to tell about his secret. But every time they see it, it does not have the opportunity to open. Kemal becomes a partner of Emir. Having learned this, Nihan loses composure and goes to a quiet and peaceful place. The enemies of the family are starting to get closer.

Nihan and Kemal can not resist attraction. This does not escape the Emir's vigilant gaze. He is going to take revenge on Kemal, destroying him forever. So the first nine episodes of the series "Black Love" end.

Contents of series 10-19

Nihan and Kemal continue to converge, and the Emir does not manage to stop them. The matter is complicated by the fact that someone in his company is working against him. The Emir is going to "sink" Kemal, but the "mole" constantly merges the information, and his opponent comes out of the water. Interlacing the fate makes you forget that "Black Love" is a Turkish TV series. The content of the series is in no way inferior to the Brazilian and American counterparts. Here Nihan will be driven into a corner, she will tell Kemal the whole truth about her marriage. A man learns that the marriage of his beloved is a fiction. Everything was arranged, even his departure from the city.

The only person who can help Kemal snatch the lover from the Emir's clutches is the witness of "that night" - Karen. A brief description of the series of the series "Black Love" allows you to see how the information that the wife and the worst enemy are being selected to the main witness, comes to the Emir.

He adjusts the accident, as a result of which Kemal gets to the hospital. This delays them, they spend precious time, and when they get to Karen's house, they will find out that the only person who could help them is dead. What beloved will take, you can learn from the following events in the series "Black Love". The content of the series 20-29 shows us a rapid development of events.


In the house Karen renders Taryk. Kemal can not believe that all this is the next move of the Emir. The man understands that five years have not passed without a trace: he though loves Nihan, but he moves away from it. While he is pondering over further actions, Sister Kemal faces problems. The brother can not leave Laila in trouble and takes her to his house. Zeynep continues to hunt for the Emir. But in her hands only one trump card is knowledge of the truth behind the marriage of the Emir and Nihan.

But unexpectedly for all, Nihan is kidnapped. The Emir uses all his powers, but Kemal goes his own way. Both men must overtake time - the trigger is already cocked. Description of the series series "Black Love" will let you know that Nihan was saved. But this does not end the difficulties in the life of the main characters. The blackmailer continues to send clues, and during the investigation of "that night," Nihan is wounded. While she fights for her own life, Kemal is looking for ways to free her from the Emir. And he almost succeeds. As soon as the girl's condition stabilizes, they run away. But the angry husband goes after him and continues to poison the life of the couple in love.

What the series tells about 30-35

Closer to the finale of the first season, the content of the series "Black Love" is getting strained. Turkey and its customs do not allow Kemal and Nihan to be together. The man, seeing the Emir and his beloved woman in the same room, without waiting for explanations, escapes. He does not know that Nihan returned to her husband only for Kemal's sake. Their feelings are still strong, but resentment builds between them a wall of misunderstanding. But the girl can not just leave Kemal, she's looking for him.

The meeting does not go as Nihan expected. Before she has time to tell about the true state of things, Kemal says that he is going to bind himself by marriage to Asoy. The girl can not utter a word, the words of love no longer matter. Emir still does not trust his wife, but still goes with her to the engagement of Kemal and Asa. At the height of the triumph, Nihan loses consciousness.


While Nihan and Emir continue to live in their mansion, Kemal's fate is predetermined. He is convicted of killing a man and sent to prison. A long term imprisonment quenches Kemal, leaving for freedom, he is ready for war with all enemies, including with Nihan. When he meets her, she sees a child in her arms. Comparing the facts, he forbids himself to hope that Denise can be his daughter. However, Emir substitutes everything so that the results of the paternity test turn out to be false, and Kemal believes that the girl is not his child. But even a child can not make Kemal stop loving Nihan. He knows that he must fight against her and Emir, but he can not. Near the girl his armor flies to pieces.

This is what the Emir uses. He knows that his wife and the enemy will do anything to protect the girl. He decides to play on the motherly feelings of Nihan, blackmailing her making important decisions. At the same time, the Emir is getting closer to Kemal. He concludes a contract with the bride of his opponent - Asoy.

The Abduction of Lovers

Nihan is again kidnapped. But this time the company will be Kemal. While the girl lies unconscious and slowly freezes, a gun is put on Kemal's head: he must watch how a woman he loves dies. Driven by a thirst to save his beloved, he defeats the kidnapper and leads Nihan to the hospital. Watch, while she regains consciousness, the most terrible men in life. He realizes that he can only be happy with Nihan.

But Kemal has more and more doubts about Denise. He realizes that Nihan and Emir are hiding something from him. Then the man decides to get into the house to Emir and take something that will help to conduct a new test for paternity. Learning that Denise is his daughter, Kemal with even greater fury begins to fight Emir. But at this time a terrible secret about Asa's past opens.

Fight for the child

Kemal kidnaps his daughter. But her official guardian remains Emir, who again submits to the rival to the police. Law enforcement officers again start up in the footsteps of Kemal. Nihan tries to deprive Emir of parental rights, but on his side there is time and allies, which Nihan does not have. He finds Denise and threatens his wife with the death of a child, if she does not stand on his side. The woman with horror realizes that she is caged.

Unexpectedly Emir makes a mistake that can cost him everything. Nihan and Kemal unite, but only face new riddles. The police find traces of struggle and blood in the house of Asa. Detectives are looking for a body, they think that Asa was killed. But negligence brings the girl, and soon she faces a choice: death or reckoning.


Nihan and Kemal are once again moving away. Misunderstanding and past grievances hinder beloved. But things change when the police detain Nihan on suspicion of illegal mining of minerals. Kemal rushes to save his beloved. He is looking for those who are involved in this dark matter. The man manages to drive Emir into a corner and find out the whole truth. The Emir's family is almost falling apart, and Kemal and Nihan are getting closer to a happy life. And the painting "Black Love" ends. Turkish series, the description of the series which is not inferior in terms of the best analogs, worth watching.

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