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Actress and model Yanina Studilina, biography and creative role

Yanina Studilina, a Russian actress of theater and cinema, TV presenter, model and simply beautiful woman, whose biography is full of happy fortuities, unexpected successes and creative searches of herself, often plays the role of self-confident and spiteful bitch on screen, although in real life the character of the girl is far from the images of her heroines .

Childhood and youth of the star

Yanina Studilina was born on August 6, 1985 in Omsk. The girl received such an unusual name from her grandmother. The creative nature of the future actress was revealed in 5 years, when she began to dream about the fame of a film actress, TV presenter or dancer. The girl's parents worked in the Omsk theater, and she often had to see performances that she memorized and invariably repeated at the mirror of the house.

Successful study at the school of Yanina Studilina, whose biography shows her many-sided talent, combined with dance lessons. She dedicated five years of her life to them. The girl with ideal parameters of the figure prophesied the career of the model, but the future star persistently dreamed about the profession of an actress and after the graduation from the theater and music school in her native city she bravely went to conquer the capital.

Career model and TV host

Moscow met Yanina pretty cool, she did not manage to enter either GITIS or Shchukin school. However, luck still smiled at the girl - Studilina becomes a model of the actor's agency "M-Globus", having worked in it for some time, submits documents to the Theatrical Institute. Schukin successfully passes the entrance exams. Fortune continues to follow the aspiring girl on the heels - she is invited to the elite model agency "Modus VivendiS", and then the TV presenter of the program on Ru TV.

The photos of Ianina Studlinina appear in glossy magazines, seep into the Internet, they notice her, they start talking about her and invite him to roles in the cinema. An extraordinary girl here also amazes everyone with her talent.

First roles and creative success

The debut of the actress was the series "Adventurers", where Iainina got a small episodic role, which she nevertheless brilliantly played, thereby putting an end to her acting career. Spectacular blonde noticed and invited to the role in the series "Who's the boss?", "Happy Together". The next page in the biography of the girl becomes the role in the youth series "School No. 1" and "Ranetki", where her heroines are scandalous, envious intriguers, spoiling life for everyone. "Ranetki" bring Stolidina fame and recognition, she becomes one of the popular Russian actresses.


Young, promising actress Yanina Studilina, whose filmography currently has about 30 films, being a creative multi-faceted personality, also masters the profession of economist, having succeeded in filming at the same time in numerous films.

Films and series with the participation of Ioannina Studilina:

  • "Who is the head in this house?"
  • "Happy Together" (girlfriend of Sveta Bukina).
  • "The Beginning" (Angela).
  • "School number 1" (Christina).
  • "Ranetki" (Polina Zelenova).
  • "One night of love" (Pauline).
  • "Provincial" (Julia).
  • "City of temptations" (Nastya Goncharova).
  • "Clairvoyant" (Rita).
  • "Soldiers: Demobil is inevitable" (Irina Ezhova).
  • "Donut Lyusya" (Margarita).
  • "White Guard" (Anyuta).
  • "Stalingrad" (Masha).
  • "Unreal love" (Lena).
  • "Turkish transit" (Rita Zvonareva / Natasha Timofeeva).

The charming appearance of the girl, her extraordinary creative potential, activity and talent have made the actress on the list of promising and sexiest young actresses. Yanina Studilina, whose biography is full of creative success and constant work on herself, is not going to stop there, giving the fans new, interesting images.

The creative role of the actress obeys the widespread stereotype: the more beautiful, the more bitchy. The image of an effective, self-confident blonde who does not tolerate competition (Ranetki, School No. 1, Provincial), a beautiful predator (Unreal Love), a daring adventuress (Turkish Transit) firmly entrenched behind Yanina, and This prompts filmmakers to invite the actress to such roles. Now Yanina Studilina, whose biography will soon be replenished with new spectacular roles, is working on the film "The Island", where we will see her again as a gorgeous blonde.

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