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How to properly push during labor, every future mother should know

Despite all the preparations, listening to the lectures of girlfriends and friends of women in childbirth, many future mothers, when they see a midwife, begin a real panic. Some do not even know how to push right during delivery, because, on the one hand, it may seem that this is not anything complicated, but you are responsible for the life of your child. Just this process is considered the most important for both mother and her baby. Obstetricians-gynecologists, at times, forget to hold the necessary consultation of the parturient women immediately before the beginning of the process and start not to shout with their own voice: "Come on, come on, pull it out!" Since you are already reading this article, it means that you will know exactly how to push right during delivery and everything will go well.

Very often the mothers make mistakes, especially when they begin to push their "face", that is, the whole body is directed forward, and all the load falls on the face. As a result, bruises appear that do not go away for several days, or even weeks. This is due to the fact that the vessels of the eyes and face begin to burst. Hence we can conclude that in no case can not push "in the face." The whole body should be laid back, and efforts will fall on the stomach. You need to lean your feet on special supports, grab for the handrails and pull them on yourself, thereby helping yourself to push right.

In any case, when the birth process begins , midwives and doctors should tell how to push right during delivery. Perhaps, it is much easier for some to execute their commands, since there will be no time to think about. As soon as the fight begins, believe me, you will not confuse it with anything. At this moment you need to take a deep breath and start pushing hard. Take the right position and look at your navel, then exhale, and start again. Breathing has a very important role in childbirth: the deeper you breathe, the easier the pain is tolerated. Doctors will also tell you how to breathe during childbirth, but it is better to know about it in advance, since it is already possible to begin to breathe deeply at the first manifestations of fights. Proper breathing is necessary in the intervals between contractions. Do not cry, do not cry, but breathe deeply. You need to save strength in the bouts, because they have a certain periodicity, and therefore, a few seconds will be to rest.

Even if you know everything about childbirth: how to behave, how to breathe, how to push yourself - do not resort to self-activity. Only with the permission of an obstetrician and a preliminary examination can you begin to push, and already on the chair directly during childbirth. The cervix should be fully open and ready to release the baby, otherwise there may be deplorable consequences. The same applies to attempts: if you do not know how to push right during delivery, Listen to the team of doctors and in any case do not start ahead of time.

Do not be afraid, concentrate only on breathing and attempts, and everything will come out for sure. You are not the first and you are not the last. All through this pass and not once. If everything is done correctly, then the birth will pass faster and more safely.

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