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Why do we dream about suitcases? Prophetic dreams

Many people after some kind of dream are taken to seek his interpretation in dream books. It is worthwhile to talk about what the suitcases look like. In fact, such a night vision has a lot of interpretations, and the way it turns out depends on a lot of details of sleep.

Idiomatic dream book

Why do we dream about an idiomatic dream book, which is considered one of the most reliable? So, if a person is sitting on a suitcase, then this is either a near departure, or an expectation. Maybe he dreamed of how he started to collect a suitcase in a dream? Then it's for a trip or for a business trip. In general, there will be some kind of change in life. And not always pleasant. To understand what kind of changes await the dreamer, one must remember his nightly sensations. If a person liked the fact that he started to collect a suitcase in a dream, then nothing bad will happen.

If the bag was empty, this fate warns the dreamer of a completely meaningless waste of time. It happens that a sleeping person sees a slightly different dream. A suitcase with things that are in terrible disorder, portends a quarrel or a small trip with a bad end or just with an unpleasant. In general, not too positive sign.

The value of the esoteric dream book

Now we need to talk about what the suitcases for an esoteric dream book look like. Well, if it is empty, it is to the disappointments that the dreamer will have to experience in relation to someone close to him. Perhaps there will be trouble in marriage. If he can not open his bag, it is to failure, which awaits him in the field of love. Apparently, the dreamer is trying to win the heart of a strong personality. But in the event that he can not lock his bag, it's to the fact that you do not need to go on a trip. Because it will not bring good impressions, just the opposite.

Sometimes it is fortunate to see a suitcase in a dream. If a dreamer received a travel bag with gifts, then this is for love joys. And a dream in which a man bought a suitcase, means that soon he will have things on the personal front. And what does it mean to dream in a suitcase, in which there is one more? This is to the fact that soon the family may have a replenishment.

According to Freud

Old suitcase, dreamed in a dream, means a coming quarrel with someone close. And most often this conflict has long-standing prerequisites. Perhaps in a quarrel a lot of superfluous things will be said. So if this situation develops, you should restrain yourself in the hands.

But to buy a suitcase - to resolve a difficult situation. Perhaps the dreamer will get into some sort of confusion, he will need the help of a friend. Well, do not be shy about asking for support in this case. If a man drags an old suitcase full of stuff to the top, then it's time to get rid of your complexes, which accumulated a lot. Probably, an obstacle to the resolution of such personal problems is none other than own laziness. We ought to deal with this, and preferably quickly. And then you can drown in your problems!

Other interpretations

A spring dream book says that a suitcase is not only a harbinger of an ambulance or business trip. Often it turns out to be a sign of the future big expenses. It can also be a warning to a person that soon news is expected from afar. When a dreamer watches an empty travel bag, one will have to prepare for a difficult period in the relationship, which often ends in divorce. By the way, sometimes old suitcases dream about the fact that soon the sleeper will face a secret.

And what does a suitcase dream of a French dream book? This is to assist. Maybe. Someone close will greatly need it, and when the dreamer has it, it will feel satisfaction from it.

Modern dream book

According to the dream book of the twenty-first century, the suitcase is a symbol of change. In general, the travel bag is a kind of repository of wisdom and worldly experience. Why do we dream about suitcases in which people put their things? To the fact that he, at last, will deal with all accumulated affairs and bring his own thoughts in order. And sometimes a travel bag is the embodiment of a man's desires to change something in his life.

A heavy balloon is a hint from the fact that one should learn to cope with emerging circumstances. An empty bag - to failure. Perhaps, an important trip will break or a close relationship will break up. A small bag, which does not fit all the necessary things, means future career growth and success at work. This is a good dream, as it portends the long-awaited reward for diligence.

Details of sleep

To give the vision a more accurate interpretation, it is necessary to recall as many details and details as were present in it. Up to the color in which the suitcase was painted. If it is yellow and filled with things to the brim, then it's to jealousy and, probably, even to treason, because the Slavic peoples this color is a symbol of such unpleasant events. But red is a good sign, because it is the embodiment of all the best qualities of a person. Most likely, the trip, which will take place in the near future, will be very successful.

If a person sees how he hastily checks all the suitcases of the compartment or adds there more things, then this is also an excellent sign. Especially for those people who often go on business trips, or their work is connected with travel.

Travelers like this night dream promises success in business, for example. A successfully assembled travel bag (that is, managed to add up all the things that were needed) promises an increase at work or an increase in wages. But if there were problems in the process of packing a suitcase, he was barely able to close as a result, we should expect sharp and rather unexpected changes in life. But do not worry about it too much - they will manage to cope with it.

Why dream of theft?

If a person saw how they stole a suitcase in a dream, then do not worry about it at once. We must remember the details first. A lot depends on them, and the interpretation of the night dream is in the first place. If there were not a lot of valuable things in the bag, it's just small rumors and squabbles. They stole a heavy suitcase - for good changes. This means that someone else will take a heavy and extra load, thereby facilitating the life of the dreamer.

But the stolen valuable things promise not very pleasant incidents - perhaps in reality a person will lose something very expensive and necessary. But the modern dream book says that a stowed travel bag means a warning that some other person will take advantage of the ideas, works or achievements of the dreamer. So it's worth, as they say, keep your ears open, look at the people around you, so that nothing like this happens.

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