The best varieties of raspberry raspberry for the Moscow region with a high yield

Unfortunately, summer passes too quickly, not allowing plenty to enjoy the aromatic and tasty berries of raspberries. For some time gardeners have learned to prolong this fertile season. To do this, gardeners in Moscow have enough to plant on their site the best varieties of patch raspberry (for the Moscow region). This will allow you to collect your favorite berry 2-3 times in one season.

What raspberry is called remontant?

This is a special category of plants, in which berries appear on shoots of the first year. There are such kinds of strawberries, raspberries, citrus fruits, which bear fruit on shoots-one-year-olds, and often several times a season. Ordinary varieties do not bear fruit on young branches.

The best varieties of patch raspberry (for the Moscow region) every year in the spring they expel new shoots from the underground part of the bush, on which the harvest of fragrant berries ripens. By winter, the top of such shoots is drying up. And on the rest of the shoot for the second year there are berries, as in ordinary varieties. Many gardeners believe that from the bushes of such raspberries can be harvested from annual and from biennial shoots. This is true, but in this case, you will not be able to get quality berries.

The main advantage of the repair grade varieties is the ability to produce abundant crops on annual shoots. This advantage is most evident if the force of the bush is directed solely at the yield on young branches. If the shoots are cut every year to the root before the onset of frost, in the next season the bush will begin to work for the crop on shoots-one-year-olds.

Early raspberry varieties

In the difficult climatic conditions of the Moscow region, early varieties of repair raspberry for the Moscow region - "unattainable" and "kalashnik" - proved to be well established. These varieties are selected for the characteristics of the Moscow region climate, because the whole crop has time to mature from the first August to the middle of September.

"Kalashnik" - raspberry remontant

This variety is used exclusively to produce late autumn harvest. It has not very large berries (not larger than 3 g), flocculent, roundish, dark red, with pronounced luster, easily removed from the fruit-bearing.

Berries have a sweet taste and a weak aroma, very juicy pulp and a small amount of seeds. Yield is quite high - 2-3 kilograms per bush, and with good and competent care yield can almost double. Maturation begins in early August, and after five collections, the fruiting ceases in the second half of September.

Raspberries "kalashnik" grow to a height of two meters, spreading, well developed, form up to twelve replacement shoots and up to ten root offspring, spread very quickly through the site. Annual shoots are elastic and durable. They are covered by a wax coating, the spikes are placed evenly along the length of the branch.

In the suburbs, the plant does not freeze under snow even at a temperature of -40 degrees. "Kalashnik" is resistant to pests.


Many patchwork plots have been successfully growing raspberry raspberries for many years. Species for the Moscow region are cultivated precisely for this region. They tolerate fairly low temperatures and give an abundant harvest.

The Moscow variety of raspberries "inaccessible" has time to mature before mid-September (before the first frosts). The berries are large enough (up to 6 g), dark red, tulko-shaped, with small drupes, homogeneous, firmly linked together. Fruits are of average density.

Gardeners are attracted by raspberry remontants. The best varieties for the Moscow region, which, undoubtedly, includes "unattainable", are distinguished by active fruit bearing in a rather short time. This variety is highly productive - with proper care, the crop reaches five kilograms of berries from the bush. Already on August 5, you can collect the first harvest, and for the five main collections by September 10, the fruitage ends.


Another raspberry remnant. The best grades (a photo of the "penguin" variety you see below) is hard to imagine without it. The spines of this plant are dark, medium-sized, mostly concentrated at the bottom of the shoot. The yield is average (no more than two kilograms per bush). The main advantage of this variety is the early and condensed period of fruiting. The harvest fully ripens in early September.

Weight of berries - more than four grams. They are dense, easily removed from the fruit. Berries are painted in a beautiful dark crimson color, the stems are even and small. After maturing, they can remain on the bush for up to five days, without losing quality. The plant is resistant to pests and diseases.

The best varieties of raspberry raspberry with a high yield

For every gardener, it is important not only the taste qualities of the fruit and the time of their ripening. No less important, how many fruits can give this or that variety from one bush. Russian breeders are successfully working on this issue. As a result of their activities on our sites there is a magnificent remontant raspberry. The best grades we describe in this article.


Describing this variety, I would like to note first of all its large fruits (up to 6 g). They have a conical shape, bright, saturated color, homogeneous, firmly entangled bones.

The fruits have a pleasant, slightly sour dessert taste, with a juicy and tender flesh. Yield of at least three kilograms per bush. The first crop can be harvested in the second half of August.


If you are interested in the best varieties of repair raspberry for the Moscow region, we advise you to pay attention to this large-bodied, high-yielding plant. The bush grows to 1.6 meters. Ejects up to eight replacement shoots. The berries are placed more than half the length of the shoots. Annual branches are usually medium or thick, with a waxy coating and sparse, short spines, which are mainly concentrated at the bottom of the shoot.

The berries are large (5.5 g), the yield is about three kilograms per bush. The taste is dessert, with a juicy and tender flesh. The berries can be processed and deep frozen.

"Indian summer-2"

Listing the best varieties of repair raspberry for the Moscow region, one can not fail to note this high-yielding plant with delicious juicy berries, painted in a beautiful ruby color. The fruits of this variety are not too large (not more than 3.5 grams), wide, dulcetically shaped. They are easily separated from the fruit-bearing.

Berries have dessert sweet and sour taste, tender, juicy pulp, they can be used to make any desserts. The variety is resistant to typical fungal diseases and to a raspberry mite. This variety is very popular due to abundant autumn fruit bearing, early maturing and excellent fruit quality.


For experienced gardeners, the repair raspberry is very attractive. Varieties for the suburbs give a good harvest, but it is especially valuable that they mature before the first frost. One of the best such varieties, according to the dacha residents of the Moscow region, is the "shugana".

Its advantages are large, transportable fruits, which have dessert taste. Fruits are dense, painted in bright red color. This variety has appeared recently, but has already earned the trust of gardeners. This plant has increased resistance to disease and winter hardiness. Fruits from August to October, and on last year's shoots fruiting begins in July.

The best varieties of raspberry raspberry for the Rostov region

I must say that for this region the varieties of raspberries do not have strict requirements, since the climate here is mild, there are no specific conditions that would provoke the raspberry bushes to adapt and survive.

In order to grow a rich harvest of this wonderful berry in the Rostov region, plant the following varieties of raspberries:

  • "Balsam" is a high-yielding variety, resistant to frost and easy to clean. Not afraid of pests and diseases; Berries have a pronounced dessert taste;
  • "Indian summer" - the variety differs late maturation (fruits appear in mid-August); Berries are large, with excellent taste, the variety is resistant to almost all diseases and pests;
  • "Faith" is an early high-yielding variety that is resistant to diseases and low temperatures, however, in very strong frost it is better to bend the shoots and wrap them.

In conclusion, it should be said that you will be very happy if you have a raspberry reminder on your site. The best varieties for the Moscow region will please you with an excellent harvest and taste of fragrant berries.

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