How to grow potatoes from seeds and get an excellent harvest

Plant potatoes "in the old manner" is not too productive. Well, if you plant two buckets when planting buckets of potatoes. But the potato is a highly productive plant, its harvest, at least there should be 5 buckets from one (and a record and 10-12 buckets at all). If you are not satisfied with the meager yields of potatoes, there are several ways to increase the yield.

You can experiment with unusual (intensive) cultivation methods. There are many opinions and ways on how to grow potatoes properly to get a decent harvest. If you are thinking how to grow potatoes in a barrel, under a black film, in a straw, in the ridges - it is easy to find detailed instructions and descriptions of these methods.

But, still, you need to start with the planting material. Because in an inadequate harvest, most often, the illnesses accumulated by him are to blame. Our usual potatoes reproduce vegetatively for decades, the variety grows old, its quality decreases, and illnesses accumulate. So, in order to get an excellent harvest, it is worth considering how to grow potatoes from seeds. The best result can be obtained by growing your own, obtained from seeds, planting material on intensive technologies (here already and to records not far). Of course, it's easier to buy elite tubers than to suffer with seeds. But, in fact, plants grown from seeds are much better adapted to your specific conditions. In addition, when buying seeds, you definitely will not be deceived with the variety (which often happens when buying varietal tubers).

Consider how to grow potatoes from seeds

Potato seeds are sown in late April in a box with a light fertile soil, previously well watering it. Potato seeds are small, so they need only slightly covered with earth or small sawdust (not coniferous species). Cover the box with a film and put in a warm place. Water very carefully, preferably through an atomizer or other nebulizer, often and little by little, in no case to fill.

Seedlings are susceptible to a "black leg" - a dangerous mushroom disease. To combat it, use biologics (for example, black yeast, planiz). Before growing potatoes from seeds, it is desirable to stock up these preparations. In the soil it is good to add a drug trichodermine or buy a ready-made primer with it.

You can use small sawdust instead of the soil, truck farmers note that on the sawdust the seedlings develop a large root system. In this case, plants must be supplemented with a solution of complex fertilizer with microelements. A good result is the addition of wood ash to the sawdust and disinfection of them before planting a pink solution of potassium permanganate. They are transplanted after reaching a height of 3 cm.

After the appearance of two real leaves, the seedlings are transplanted into separate pots or sprouts for seedlings. At the age of 40 days, the seedlings are planted on the beds. It is possible to drop the plant out of the box directly into the greenhouse or (if you live in the southern climate) into the open ground. Planted plants still need careful care, it is recommended to set arcs over them and cover them with lutrasil, shade from direct sunlight and water until the seedlings are planted. At the end of the first year, these seedlings will produce seed miniclubs - this is a super-superelite. Of these, the next year will be super-elite, and a year later - elite potatoes. From one plant you can get about 150 miniclubs, and the next year from one such nodule will come out from 1kg and more. Growing potato sprouts is a little more difficult than tomato seedlings.

Before growing potatoes from seeds, you need to find the varieties that suit you. For growing from seeds, you can recommend two early and very productive varieties - Assol and the Empress. Still good early varieties: Ilona, Triumph, Farmer. A good medium-ripe variety Krasa and a hybrid of Lada f1 early, with tubers of different colors.

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