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How to order for "Aliexpress" quickly

The popularity of online stores is very high. Now almost every second user of the Network tries to order something for himself, and is cheaper. One of the budget foreign stores is "Aliexpress". They sell goods of Chinese manufacturers. The interface of the store is in English, which causes some difficulties for buyers. How to order for "Aliexpress"? This is not so difficult as it seems.

There are several options how to make an order for "Aliexpress". One of the simplest is without registering in the store. That is, the registration will have to pass, but not immediately. Entering the store, you need to choose the product you like. At the moment only the main page is fully Russified. There you can choose the desired category of goods. There is one nuance - one and the same thing sells different sellers at different prices. They are not much different, but nevertheless there is a chance to save. If you order one product, then boldly click next to the selected "Buy now", which means "buy now".

After that, you will be taken to the registration page. It's simple. You just need to enter your details, indicate who you are (the customer is "customer"), leave your email address and come up with a password. Now the store has a discount! After registration you get a coupon with a discount of $ 5. Before making an order for "Aliexpress", make sure that you can pay it. A Visa or MasterCard card is suitable. By the way, even if you can not, then the goods for you will be listed for another 30 days.

On the mail box on the web you will receive a message where you need to follow the link and finish registration. After that you can enter the address where you order the goods. English letters. The recipient's name is also Latin. After that, you will need to enter your card details on the payment page. It is safe. For those who do not trust payments on the card on the web, you can create a separate card, designed specifically for purchases. Or you can use the payment through QIWI-purse. It's easy to get it, having only your mobile number.

Having chosen a method of payment, choose and the delivery method. There are only three of them: very fast, fast and slow. Which to choose? It's up to you. Usually slow delivery (china post) is free, but the goods are not insured. Before you make an order for "Aliexpress", look at how much it costs to ship to your city. The cost of fast delivery is not always indicated on the store's website correctly. Sometimes it consists of the amount of delivery to Russia for China and delivery in Russia by the chosen method. You can check with the seller on the order confirmation page. All correspondence in English, you can use the online translator. After placing an order, your parcel is assigned a separate number, according to which it can be tracked. There are two buttons for this: "shipment" and "tracking".

How to place an order for "Aliexpress" for several products? Here the instruction is not much different. If there is a registered account, then you need to enter it ("sign in"). Then select the item you liked and click "add to cart". So the goods will be in your basket. All the things you choose will be there. Then you can proceed with ordering. By the way, it is not necessary to buy all the things from the basket, you can select several, and leave the rest until better times. Before ordering for "Aliexpress", carefully look not only at the selected product, but also on the feedback of other buyers. Enjoy the shopping!

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