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Simple repair of spinnings with your own hands

For sure, every inveterate fisherman faced such a problem as a broken spinning! It's sad, sorry, and even a little insulting from the fact that I did not have time to sit on the beach and enjoy fishing. But there is nothing to be done, and the time has come to decide on the fate of the fishing tool. You can contact a company that repairs spinnings and rods, throw it away and buy a new one, or try to repair it yourself.

Let's see how it is possible to repair the spinnings with your own hands, because this procedure is not very difficult. The most important thing is saving your own money, since repairs will come out in a decent penny, and buying a new spinning gear is more expensive.

  1. First you need to find a tube of suitable length, which should be 1.5-2 times longer than the size of the crack. As for the diameter, it must enter the rod with a slight effort. For these purposes, a piece of old fishing rod is also suitable, so do not throw away the broken inventory, since it can still come in handy.
  2. To repair spinnings, you need to prepare a piece of flat spinning cord. If it is not, then you can use a normal capron thread.
  3. Next, prepare the epoxy resin. It is advisable to use a three-component, but it is also suitable for a two-component one. The main requirement to it is one - it's moisture resistance.
  4. If the rod in the place of scrapping is experiencing an increased load or simply there is a desire to strengthen this site, then it is necessary to find a piece of fiberglass. It should be cut out of a rectangular or trapezoidal piece, the length of which would be equal to the length of the tube prepared in the first stage. Its width should be such that it is enough to completely wrap the rod in the place of scrap and still have a small stock. Now it is necessary to moisten it in an epoxy and allow a little to dry, after which it is cut off so that after wrapping the edges of the shred fit tightly to each other.
  5. Also, prepare pieces of scotch tape and tape from the video cassette. On this list of necessary ingredients ends, and the repair of the spinning itself begins.
  6. The tube prepared in the first step should be moistened with epoxy resin and inserted into one part of the broken spinning, then, gently holding it, put on the second.
  7. Prepared and moistened in epoxy resin pattern of fiberglass should be wrung out and wrapped around the rod. On top of the fabric, to strengthen the place of breakage, it is necessary to tightly wind the spinning cord.
  8. The next step is to tape the film in 10 centimeters from the place of scrap and wrap it over the fiberglass. It is necessary to wind the winding to the winding and very tightly to squeeze out excess resin. If you wrap the shining side inward, it will not stick. Work on winding the cord and film requires a lot of attention and diligence, but otherwise repair of the spinnings is not carried out.
  9. The last step is to remove excess adhesive and dry the rod. For these purposes, you can use a hairdryer. After the glue dries, you can remove the film and do some minor cosmetic repairs. That's all. With such a simple enough technique, you can repair any rod, even the Lamiglas spinning.

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