Raspberry miracle (tomato): reviews of gardeners, features of cultivation and reproduction

Tomato varieties are very diverse. It is difficult to find the best of them, because they vary in taste, maturity, size. One of the favorite varieties is the Raspberry Miracle. Tomato reviews collected exceptionally positive. This grade is recommended by experienced farmers. After all, it combines unique qualities. What is this tomato?

Variety description

Tomatoes Raspberry miracle are distinguished by tall bushes. When grown in greenhouse conditions, the plant reaches more than 2 m in height. While undersized varieties even in the greenhouse do not grow to 0.5 m.

Why did you get such an amazing name for the tomato variety - the Crimson Miracle? The testimonies indicate that wonderful crimson fruits appear on the branches of a tomato . In addition, they simply amaze with their size and have a surprisingly pleasant taste. It is for its color and size of the brand and was named Raspberry Miracle.

Tomato (reviewed below) has an amazing feature. The first harvest on the bush will be much larger than the following. Ogorodniki argue that the first fruit that will give the plant, can exceed in its mass 1 kg.

Subsequent tomatoes will be much smaller. Their average weight is 200-600 g. But the competent truck farmers have appreciated this feature of the Crimson Miracle sort. Tomato, the reviews of many gardeners confirm this, is widely used for salads, if it is a question of the first fruits. And the average harvest is great for conservation.

And do you know why they call tomatoes the Golden Raspberry Miracle, whose reviews are only positive? In 2014, this series of tomatoes was awarded a gold medal. Magnificent qualities are confirmed not only by truck farmers and leading agronomists. That's why the brand is called: Golden raspberry miracle.

Main advantages

Why is the Raspberry Miracle (tomato) so popular? Testimonies indicate that the plant is unpretentious. Even an inexperienced gardener will cope with his growing and will collect an excellent harvest.

In addition, tomato has the following advantages:

  • The fruits are large and beautiful;
  • Do not crack;
  • Always provides a great harvest, not dependent on the weather;
  • Resistant to common diseases;
  • Pulp fleshy, with a stunning taste;
  • Fruits can be used for making pastes, purees, tomato juice and other types of canning, as well as for salads.

Varieties of the Crimson Miracle Series

Breeders brought out many varieties. This allows any agronomist to pick up to your taste tomatoes of the Crimson Miracle series. The reviews of gardeners confirm that the descriptions given by breeders are true.

Pay attention to the following grades:

  1. Raspberry bunny. It has a bush height of about 1 m. It brings a big harvest, even in the case of cool weather. Well tolerates sharp temperature changes. Fruit weight about 500 g, the taste is rich, with sweetness.
  2. Raspberry sunset. One of the most favorite varieties of truck farmers. Juicy tomato, bright crimson, round, large and smooth.
  3. Raspberry wine. Intoxicates with its impeccable taste. The fruits are not very large, about 400 g. But to taste is not inferior to other species.
  4. Crimson joy. A new hybrid that can not be confused with other varieties. Breeders tried to glory. The fruits are small (relative to the rest of their brethren) to 250 g. But they grow so tightly that the brushes seem simply huge and heavy. After the first fruits are removed, the bush begins to increase the mass of tomatoes left on the branches. In addition, he constantly sets new fruits. And this continues until the fall. He will easily carry the first frost, which is fatal for ordinary tomatoes. The taste is excellent, the tomatoes are sugary and very tender.
  5. Raspberry bison. Tomato is suitable for those who want to get good yields from a small area. Fertility of a tomato is simply unprecedented. Weight - about 0,5 kg. It has the shape of a crimson ball.
  6. Crimson dream. The variety is high-yielding, reaches about 100 cm high. It is tied in any weather. Weight up to 700 g.
  7. Raspberry coveted. So beautiful a tomato, that really it is wished by all skilled truck farmers, gardeners, and simply fans. The bush of this handsome man is open, strong leaves. The plant must necessarily be tied to the support. Otherwise, it can break under the weight of its harvest. The fruit weighs about 600 g, has a rich crimson tone.
  8. The crimson king. The bush reaches a height of 1 m. The fruits are identical in shape and mass, resistant to cracking. The plant provides a good harvest of delicious fruit, weighing about 400 g.
  9. Raspberry heart. The bushes are small, relative to the remaining hybrids of this variety. Their height is, on the average, 70 cm. The fruits are cordate, weighing 300 g, very delicate, juicy, with an unusually pleasant aroma.
  10. Crimson hero. It has flattened fleshy and bright crimson fruits weighing 800 g. Resistant to cracking, good density, easy to grow.

Features of agricultural technology

If you know some features, it's not difficult to grow an excellent crop. It will take fertile and quality soil, which will be able to feed growing tomatoes Gold raspberry miracle. Reviews ogorodnikov recommend the soil to cook in the fall.

To get a strong tall plant and large fruits, it is necessary to mix humus, sand and garden soil in the same proportions.

Growing seedlings

As evidenced by plants such as tomatoes Raspberry miracle, reviews of gardeners, cultivate the planting method. Sow the seeds in early March. They are pre-disinfected.

Plant the seed in plastic containers to a depth of 0.5-0.7 cm, 20-25 pieces per container.

When the first shoots appear, the weak and curved sprouts are removed. Then every week get rid of plants that are lagging behind in growth.

The usual diving of tomatoes is not included in this method of growing seedlings. But if it is necessary, then the plants are transplanted, leaving for each of them an area of 10 x 10 cm.

Care instructions

Tomato needs the right approach to growing.

To get a wonderful harvest, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Regular and, to the extent necessary, abundant soil moisturizing. It is recommended to use the drip irrigation system.
  2. After moistening, you need to loosen the soil a little.
  3. To carry out top dressing of a plant with superphosphate (a powder or dry granules).
  4. Fertilize the soil with peat, manure, wood ash and complex preparations.
  5. A garter of a tall bush to the trellis is mandatory.
  6. The formation of a plant in one or two stems is required.

Reproduction of culture

The ripe, juicy and beautiful fruits are harvested for seeds. After all, only from them the next year the crop will grow as much as possible plentiful. A surprising feature is the seeds of tomatoes Crimson miracle. Ogorodnikov's testimonies indicate that the variety has a long shelf life.

Seeds of ordinary tomatoes can persist for a maximum of 10 years. And the tomatoes of the Crimson Miracle series will perfectly rise even from those seeds that have been waiting for the planting for 15 years. And they will provide an equally magnificent harvest.

View of truckers

Although these tomatoes appeared relatively recently, they, nevertheless, already managed to gain popularity and are very popular with our truck farmers. This variety is awarded only positive feedback. Having a huge harvest, he justifies his name completely. Large fruits, the color of raspberries, is a real miracle.

It is not surprising that almost all summer residents try to grow these tomatoes.

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