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The best books about vampires: authors, names and content

The terrible tales of the creatures of the night stir the human minds for many centuries. Books about vampires - works that have become fashionable in large part thanks to the founding father of the genre, Bram Stoker. The mystical theme, which attracted the greatest interest in the 19th century, still gives stories to authors of fascinating novels.

Books about vampires - classics

There is hardly a more famous ghoul than Stoker's Count of Dracula. First of all, the character is interested in the presence of the real prototype. They became Vlad Vlad Tepesh, who went down in history as one of the most cruel medieval rulers who liked to put people on a stake. The popularity of the novel "Dracula" could not be repeated even the best books about vampires, which appeared in the future.

The real count was entertained, inventing various versions of the execution of his enemies. However, Bram Stoker went further, forcing the character to rise from the grave and choose the blood of innocent people as food. The history of this book about vampires begins in medieval Transylvania, smoothly moving to comfortable London. The obsession with blood in it is presented as a disease that can be infected through a bite.

The Count of Dracula is an image far from the modern idea of bloodsuckers, which is romanticized by other writers. However, the novel definitely deserves attention of connoisseurs of the mystical genre.

What "vampire" books became the basis for films

Count Dracula became the discoverer, thanks to which the creations of darkness found a place for themselves not only in literature, but also in films. "Vampire Chronicles", created in the late 20th century by writer Anne Rice, are extremely popular in the first place film adaptation. However, fans of the work condemned the film "Interview with a Vampire", claiming that the director could not translate the gloomy, gothic atmosphere that dominates the novel.

The characters of this book about vampires differ from Dracula by greater "humanity." Lestat, Louis can rejoice and suffer, feel hatred and experience love. Pushed the writer to create the work of the death of her little daughter. Her image she immortalized with the help of the girl Claudia, who gained immortality as a child.

Even further away from the work of Bram Stoker's famous "Twilight Saga", which came from the pen of Stephanie Meyer. The writer not only romanticized the images of the night murderers, but also gave them nobility. What ended the love story of a vampire who chose the road of a vegetarian, and an ordinary girl, you can learn by reading all the parts of the "Saga" or watching a movie.

Books about vampires, on which the series are shot

It is difficult to find a person who has never heard of Elena Gilbert and two lovers of her brothers with supernatural powers. Unlike the heroes of "Twilight", not all the main characters of this book about vampires are "vegetarians". Initially, Lisa Jane Smith conceived her work as a trilogy, but popularity prompted her to write a continuation of the story. The similarity between the novel and the series is relative.

"True Blood" is another famous series about ghouls, the plot of which is taken from the novel. Like other modern best books about vampires, the South American saga, coined by Charlene Harris, tells not only about the children of the night. Among her characters are werewolves, sorcerers, and other supernatural beings. The whole saga includes 13 parts. The action takes place in the modern world, where vampires are declared full members of society.

The most famous "vampire" sagas

"True Blood", "Twilight" - these works list of mystical works about the vampires is far from being limited. The approval of the fans of the genre was able to win the "Academy of Vampires". Books should be read in order beginning with the novel "Hunters and Victims", which was published in 2007. As is obvious from the name of the saga, in the center of the plot is an educational institution, whose students are supernatural beings.

Another interesting series "Blue Blood" narrates and describes the existence of bloodsucking heroes in the realities of New York of our days. The saga includes six works, the first of which is the novel of the same name. In the center of the plot is an American schoolgirl, surrounded by vampires and successfully fighting the most dangerous of them.

Another saga, which included a whole twelve novels, is called "House of the Night." Like the previous two, she immerses readers in the world of an unusual school, where they sharpen their skills bloodsuckers.

"Kiss of the Vampire" - is it worth reading

Ghosts are by no means the most dangerous tenants, able to settle in abandoned mansions. Proof of this is the "Kiss of the Vampire" - a book beginning with the moving of a mysterious family to a big house, located on the top of a hill. The greatest attention of city dwellers is attracted by Alexander Sterling - a mysterious handsome man with strange habits.

Of course, among the inhabitants of the town is a girl who is attracted to vampires and everything that has to do with them. About the future, which awaits Alexander and Raven, the readers of the saga learn.

Russian works about vampires

Curiosity for the children of the night is great not only abroad. One of the first Russian writers, who dedicated this topic in his work, was Alexei Tolstoy. His gothic story "Ghoul" was published back in 1841. However, she did not achieve such popularity as books from the famous cycle of Sergei Lukyanenko.

The writer originally approached the world of vampires, treating with disregard for many of his classic features. Ghouls from the Night Watch and other parts of the series can feed on donor blood, see their reflection, do not die from silver bullets and so on. A creative approach to gloomy creatures can be traced in "Empire V" - the work of Victor Pelevin. The main skills that the main character must master is discourse and glamor. Without them, Roman Shtorkin does not achieve recognition and power.

The popularity of the subject proves such a direction as the book of fanfics. Vampires again and again become the characters of stories of admirers of famous novels. To join them or pass by - each reader decides on their own.

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