Sumamed for children: how to take, indications, contraindications

Oh, those children! How much does it take to experience parents when they get sick. The most common disease in children is, of course, a cold. It's good if she leaves herself in a couple of days. But, as a rule, it often happens that without the help of antibiotics can not do. And here you can come to the aid of such a medicine as sumamed.

Sumamed for children: testimony

Of course, the use of antibiotics for the treatment of children is undesirable. Nevertheless, they help to cure the disease more quickly, thus easing the state of the child. Sumamed for children today is appointed quite often. It is not necessary that it should be a cold. Diseases of the respiratory system, ENT organs, skin infections, other infectious diseases - for all this variety of diseases, sumamed can be shown.

It should be noted that sumamed is an antibiotic of the most that neither is a broad spectrum of action. This is an extremely strong medicine, therefore its purpose is expedient only in the most difficult cases. But, on the other hand, sumamed, unlike many other antibiotics, has less negative impact on the microflora of the stomach.

Sumamed for children: contraindications

No matter how good Sumamed is for children, it is extremely undesirable to buy and give it to a child without the permission of a doctor. Like any other drug, it has contraindications for use. These include the individual intolerance of sumamed, severe kidney and liver diseases, as well as the cardiovascular system. Contraindication for the application of sumamed is the age of the child, more precisely, its weight. A baby, whose weight is below ten kilograms, can not be treated with this antibiotic. Usually the child already has such weight in six months.

Sumamed for children: side effects

To give sumamed to young children is really very cautious, because even this drug can cause side effects. So, dizziness, insomnia or, conversely, increased drowsiness, tinnitus, nausea, anorexia, vomiting, abdominal pain, and much more may appear.

Dosage forms of the drug

Sumamed is available in several dosage forms. It can be prescribed in tablets, capsules, in solution for the preparation of injections. But for children most often sumamed is prescribed in the form of a suspension. Firstly, because it has a pleasant taste of fruit. Secondly, in liquid form, it is easier to give an antibiotic to young children. Third, sumamed for children suspension is better dosed than the same tablets.

How to take Sumamed

Sumamed children should be given according to the following scheme:

One kilogram of the child's weight is taken by ten milligrams of the antibiotic. How much sumamed should be given in each case, parents should calculate independently (or a doctor). So, if the weight of the child, for example, 15 kg, then the daily dose of sumamed will be 150 mg.

Sumamed is appointed, as a rule, for five days. Of these five days in the first three children should be given the amount of antibiotic, which is indicated just above. But in the last two days the dosage is doubled.

A big plus of the drug is that you only need to drink it once a day. Do this either two hours after eating, or 60 minutes before eating.

Sumamed: effectiveness

As already noted, sumamed is a very strong antibiotic, so it is not surprising that it affects the cause of the disease quite quickly. As a rule, after the first day of taking the drug the child becomes much better, and on the third day his condition almost comes back to normal. But in no case should not self-medicate with sumamed. Perhaps the child's disease can be tried and cured by more light drugs. In any case, the first thing to do is to see a doctor so that he can decide what treatment will be.

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