Premium banking services: features, tariffs, benefits and reviews

In addition to the standard service, banks actively offer VIP-service. This segment is one of the profitable, but the principles of operation differ from the standard ones. The best service, the most qualified staff, comfortable atmosphere. What does premium banking include and how much does it cost the customer?

What is VIP?

Under premium service means an individual approach to the client, providing increased comfort in communication, access to unique products. In this case, the bank assumes the role of financial assistant. Participants in such programs receive all standard services, but on more favorable terms: premium bank cards, personal manager and extraordinary service.

Such a service provides a large cost for the organization of work. Accordingly, the selection of potential customers is more stringent.

How to get premium service in a bank?

Terms of participation in the program are different for each institution. Mainly:

  • The presence of a deposit in the amount of 1 million rubles;
  • Purchase of luxury banking products;
  • Work in the field of investment: with mutual funds, precious metals, OFBU, etc.

Premium banking services are designed primarily for wealthy people who value their time: sportsmen, politicians, top managers, managers, representatives of show business, etc.

Range of services

Premium banking services go far beyond the standard framework. Its goal is to provide the client with a personal financial assistant, who would serve the client quickly and very qualitatively. The speed of the solution of the issue is brought to the fore, which should be combined with comfort and personal approach. The complex of services includes:

  • Financial planning: determination of investment needs and capital expansion.
  • Concierge services - round-the-clock access to tickets booking services, hotels, car, table reservation in a restaurant, etc.
  • Discount programs for non-cash settlements.
  • Service with increased comfort. In hotels and airports special numbers are allocated in which it is possible to have a rest, eat and take a shower.

  • Fast (re) issue of the card. If a customer loses his payment instrument abroad, it will be enough for him to simply inform his manager about it, and the order for the design of the new plastic will go to work.
  • Accompanying services: art-banking on the valuation of art, advice on tax matters, currency laws, legal support anywhere in the world.

Price of issue

Compare the tariffs for high-quality customer service in two state-owned banks.

To participate in the bonus program in VTB24, you need to fulfill one of these conditions:

  • Open a deposit or invest 15 million rubles.
  • Receive a salary of 100 thousand rubles. per month.
  • To issue a platinum card.

Sberbank has a threshold for entry below:

  • Open a deposit or invest 4 million rubles.
  • To issue an elite platinum card.
  • Acquire shares for a total of 200 million rubles.

Service list

"VTB 24"


Standard services



Personal Hotline



Personal manager



Assistance in investing funds



Higher interest rates on deposits



Preferential exchange rate


Personal concierge service


Organization of non-banking services (valuation of art objects, etc.)


Access to bank safes


Obtaining exchange rates from the exchange


Comparison of conditions

The best banks for premium service each client selects for themselves. But if we compare the conditions of two state institutions, then Sberbank has a lower entry threshold, but less than the services provided. The financial institution focuses on operations with foreign currency.

In Sberbank, there are several managers for one consultant. Therefore, queues in the halls of service can not be avoided.

Premium banking services in VTB24 appeared earlier than in Sberbank, and has already been significantly improved. Managers undergo special training and periodic certification of product knowledge and job adequacy. The financial institution is banking on the popular in Europe concierge service. But in fact, the need for it goes to the background. Why call a consultant with a request to order a taxi if you can download a mobile application and call the car in one click?

The situation in the market

The Pareto rule applies to all spheres of life, including banking. In the segment of the service of natural persons, 70-80% of the bank's incomes bring 5-10% of wealthy customers. That is, it is more profitable to attract one secured depositor than a hundred small ones. This becomes clear if we compare the tariffs for the annual maintenance of premium cards: 3000 rubles. Against 900 rubles. On ordinary credit cards. But "expensive" customers are ready to invest only in large banks. Therefore, the financial institutions switch to the middle class, also assigning it VIP status. In the international practice, premium banking services begin with an investment of $ 1 million. The medium-sized banks of Russia reduced this threshold to 3 million rubles.

A new trend in the market is testing of banking services before their purchase. Clients of Gazprombank and UniCredit can receive all the privileges of the Private segment before making a decision to invest a large amount. Let's consider in more detail how this scheme operates in the Savings Bank. The first two months from the moment of registration of the contract the commission for service is not written off, provided that the client does not refuse service during its "testing". Then a new condition comes into force. If the total balance of the account at the end of the month is more than 2.5 million rubles, then the client receives a full set of services for free.


The review of premium banking services on the market once again proved that not everything is gold that glitters. "Dear" customers overpay for standard banking products, and then often face serious problems, as a result of which they give their negative feedback.

VIP package includes customer service abroad. It is with the receipt of standard services abroad that problems most often arise. Then the card in the ATM will be blocked, then the account, and all because of the transactions committed abroad. And calling a personal manager in such a situation can not always solve the problem. But most of the complaints come to endless queues in the halls of service. "Previously, everyone was waiting for free, and now for the money!" Customers joke.

Contribution to a billion

Benefits from premium banking services are generally not received by customers of institutions that subsequently revoke the license. And it's not even in excess of the amount of the guaranteed state deposit of 700 thousand rubles. The fact is that customers can not prove the fact of investing in the bank.

This scheme was rotated in "Master Bank", which was closed in 2013. The client who opened the account for a large sum was invited to a separate cabinet and made an atypical contract for an increased interest with him. For such transactions, the financial institution collected more than 1 billion rubles. But before the license was revoked, the DIA did not even know about the existence of VIP-investors from this institution. Since the funds were not paid through the cashier, the clients with such contracts were not even entered in the register.

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