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Pancakes made from potatoes. Solim, pepper and ...

In the kitchens of many peoples there are dishes similar to Belarusian draniki. The basis of the product used for their preparation is potatoes. Let's talk about how to prepare pancakes from potatoes. There are many recipes. In some recipes, the amount of ingredients is minimized, and in some, on the contrary, such rare delicacies are used, that begins salivating saliva only when reading the recipe itself. I want to share the experience of preparing potato pancakes without a special chic, using the set of products that almost always have any housewife. For this, I think, and appreciate such fritters from potatoes. And from this they do not become less tasty.

As an initial or, more accurately, a basic one, you can take a recipe, in which the grocery set is minimal: potatoes, eggs, vegetable oil, salt and flour.

Potatoes are cleaned, mine, grind in an acceptable way. Solim and we set aside for a few minutes to the side. The juice that stands out in this case, in no case does not merge. Add the egg to the wiped mass, a little vegetable oil, mix thoroughly. And only after that, mix the flour, pouring it in small portions. For the first preparation, of course, I bring the product ratio: 2-3 average potatoes - 1 egg, 0.5 teaspoon of salt, 40-50 g of vegetable oil in the dough itself and flour to the desired consistency. After completing the above procedures, we will get the ready dough for baking. It should be sufficiently thick consistency, so that when frying does not absorb too much oil. Fritters from potatoes are better to fry in a well-heated frying pan, reducing the fire to medium, and under the lid. Serve with sour cream or sour-garlic sauce.

This recipe embodies the personal experience of the author of the article from the student days. In modern times, even the method of grinding may differ from those previously known. Now a miracle of kitchen appliances has come to the rescue, like a combine harvester or a blender. Therefore, every modern hostess will immediately translate this recipe into her technological sequence and finalize it according to her taste preferences. And there is something to refine. Take at least the fact that potato pancakes have the property to darken. To solve this problem, you can simply add in the dough a little of any sour-milk product.

Pancakes made from potatoes will only taste better if you add finely chopped onion or cheese, dry broth or sweet pepper for piquancy. Exquisite creamy taste will get pancakes, if during the preparation of the dough you will use cream, and not vegetable oil. In the dough at the preparation stage, you can add various flavors: fried mushrooms, shrimps, finely chopped ham, salmon or something like that. You can cook a sauce for pancakes from these products, which will give a certain refinement and sophistication to the ready-made dish. And you can do even more original. Ready-made stuffing put on the cakes laid out on the pan and top with another layer of dough. Lightly press down with a spoon, so that the layers tighten together, and as usual pancakes to fry on both sides.

No less tasty and original pancakes from courgettes and potatoes, which perfectly match and perfectly harmonize in this dish. If you focus on the vegetable nature of the dish and add to the list of spinach products, dill and parsley and onion, then you will get the original fritters. This masterpiece certainly will not go unnoticed, if only because your creation will have an original color. In addition, it will be rich in vitamins and mineral elements, so necessary for the human body at the present time.

The original orange color will have pancakes made of pumpkin and potatoes. It will give pancakes exactly pumpkin, which enriches the dish with all the mineral and vitamin components, so widely represented in its composition. Depending on the percentage of pumpkin-potatoes in the test, you can make some adjustments in the palate, refusing spices and seasonings. And serve pancakes with fruit and cream sauce, whipped cream, or simply sprinkled with powdered sugar.

I would like to wish every mistress, who first got acquainted with this magnificent, simple and tasty dish, bring it to her piggy bank. Enjoy your meal!

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