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Pork cheeks. Recipes

The monotony is boring, it's increasingly tempting to try new original dishes. In the usual menu, you can add pork cheeks. This product perfectly fits both to a normal dinner, and to a festive table. Pork cheeks perfectly combined with fresh vegetables and various sauces. Consider the options for their preparation.

Baked pork cheeks. Preparation

If you bake pork cheeks in the oven, you will get a hearty, appetizing dish with a unique and exquisite taste. Their cooking takes quite some time, but the result is worth it. You can enjoy gentle cheeks.

Necessary ingredients for preparation:

- cheek pork - a kilogram;

- Ground pepper, salt, paprika, ground coriander - for one teaspoon;

- garlic - five denticles.

For broth:

- carrots and onions - one piece;

- Bay leaf;

- salt - ½ tablespoon.

Before cooking, prepare the ingredients. The cheek needs to be rinsed under cold water and peeled off the skin using a knife. To give a beautiful look to the product, it is wrapped in a roll and tied with a dense thread. Next, peel the onions and garlic. If the onion is large - cut into two pieces, if small, then do not. Garlic is cut into large lobules.

In the pot, put the previously prepared cheek and pour the water so that it completely disappears. Bring to a boil, add salt to taste. On a small fire, the component languishes for about an hour, so that it can be freely pierced with a bamboo stick.

Half an hour before the end of cooking, add bay leaf, onions and carrots. Then put the cheeks in a colander to eliminate excess fluid. Remove the thread and season with spices. Knife deepens into which garlic is added. Then again wrap the roll and tie it with a thread.

The cheek remains only bake in the oven. The form is smeared, in it is put a roll and put in an oven on two degrees degrees to a ruddy crust.

Recipe in French

Pig cheeks are an affordable product with very tender meat. From them you can prepare original delicious dishes. Stand cheeks are not so expensive, so the treat goes economical.

It will take:

- a kilogram of cheeks;

- 300 ml of broth;

½ liter of wine;

- 100 g of tomato sauce;

- carrots, garlic, celery stalk, onions - one piece.

Spices (to taste):

- pepper;

- lemon peel;

- Sage;

- parsley;

- Bay leaf;

- carnation;

- chilli.

Wash the cheeks, remove the skin and subcutaneous fat, then cut into large pieces. Then marinade is prepared. All vegetables need to be cut into large pieces, pour wine and add spices. Garlic let through the garlic squeezer. The resulting marinade requires pouring the pig's cheeks and putting it in the refrigerator for the night.

After the specified time, the meat and vegetables are dried. All ingredients fry in a pan separately, draining excess fat. Afterwards in a deep frying pan, add everything together and pour broth, marinade and tomato sauce, put on a weak fire. Stew for at least two hours.

The dish turns out fragrant and very gentle.

Recipe with apples and cabbage

Another recipe is how to make a cheek, but with other additional ingredients.


- Pork cheeks - ½ kg;

- sunflower oil - 4 tbsp. L .;

- welding - 2 tbsp. L .;

- four apples .;

- a lemon - 1 piece;

- marjoram, oregano - on 1 branch;

- cabbage - 300 g;

- Bulgarian pepper - 200 g;

- salt - to taste.

Cleanse the cheeks and cook for 15 minutes. Brew tea, meat marinate in the brew hour. After that, cut into circles about three centimeters and fry in a frying pan with oil for two minutes on each side.

Shred cabbage. Cut apples and peppers into slices. In the pot, add the sliced ingredients, add oregano, marjoram, a little water. Then put in the oven and bake at one hundred and seventy degrees 20 minutes.

How to smoke?

What does it take to make pork cheeks smoked? It will take very few components. Among them are:

- Pork cheeks;

- 12% saline solution.

The product must be soaked in salt solution and allowed to settle in it for six days. After that, the cheeks are dried and smoked for half an hour with smoke at a high temperature, then they should be immediately put in boiling water for an hour and a half.

From a pig's cheek it is possible to prepare dishes with original flavor notes, which your friends will appreciate. They turn out terrific to the taste. In addition, cheeks have a lower cost, but are prepared for a long time.

Despite all the advantages of cheeks, this is a well-known, but not very popular product.

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