Hotel Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel 5 * (Greece, Chalkidiki, Kassandra): description, services, reviews

Neo Schioni is a small village located on the peninsula of Kassandra. Constantly there live less than a thousand local citizens. All the rest are regular visitors from other countries. The best hotel complex is the Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel 5 *. If you need somewhere to stay for the duration of your stay at the resort, it is best to choose this hotel. There are many reasons for this.


First of all, it's worth to say a few words about the place where Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel 5 is located. This complex is located on the second coastline. The windows of the hotel rooms offer a picturesque view of the Aegean Sea, which can be reached in a few minutes.

Neo Schioni - a former fishing village, which is located in a very cozy, quiet, secluded place. The only negative is the airport is far away. It is located in the city of Thessaloniki. Get there from there to the hotel for about an hour and forty minutes. But there is a definite plus. Aircraft do not interfere with the guests with their characteristic noise during take-off and landing.

In general, in these places an ideal recreation area. After all, the 5-star boutique hotel is located on a hill where olive and conifer trees grow on every meter. In addition, the hotel complex is very beautiful and well-groomed adjacent territory. Here are planted exotic and fruit trees, which pleases the eye and creates an atmosphere of coziness. By the way, it's interesting that the Skioni coast has been awarded the Blue Flag of the EU for its cleanliness for several years.

What is in the complex?

Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel 5 * is also interesting because it meets the highest environmental standards. But especially pleasing numbers. There are only twenty of them, but each in its own way is special. In the apartment, located on the ground floor, there is a green private sitting area. And the guests who are settled on the second floor, there are two terraces. One goes to the sea, and the other - to the coniferous forest.

Of these 20 numbers, two belong to the Premium Deluxe class. There are also four Luxury Suites and fourteen - Superior Rooms. About them in more detail will be told a little later.

Also on the territory of the hotel there is a restaurant called Skionic. The hotel guests, having come there, can enjoy in a cozy atmosphere dishes of Mediterranean and European cuisine. But there is also a lobby bar, where alcoholic beverages, soft cocktails, and natural tea and coffee are served. Or you can visit an institution on the roof of the hotel. This is the main highlight of the hotel. The bar "Panorama" offers cocktails, drinks and snacks. But the main thing is a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea.


The Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel 5 * has many ways to have fun. On the territory of the complex there is an open-air swimming pool for 12 months, as well as a sun terrace and a stunning, picturesque garden.

In the evening, guests are entertained by animation staff. Guests also have the opportunity to go diving or cycling, visit the Turkish bath or sauna, relax in the hot tub, play table tennis, work out in the fitness center, or go to the SPA or to the arcade. Guests are even offered walks on the yacht and a school of Mediterranean cuisine. And of course, a private beach area is also available. This is one of the most significant advantages of this complex over others.

Services and Services

"Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel" is known for its high level of service. The territory of this hotel complex has everything. 24-hour reception, luggage storage, private parking, laundry and ironing, fax and photocopy, business center, conference room for 70 people and even a private temple.

In addition to the above, guests are offered a free shuttle service, a wake-up service, the possibility of connecting heating, rental of vehicles, a suite for honeymooners, an individual safe, family rooms and non-smoking apartments, VIP services, and food and drink delivery to the room. As you can see, the Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel 5 * really does have everything you need.

By the way, here is also very polite, hospitable staff. But people working in Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel 5 * (Chalkidiki, Kassandra) are first and foremost highly qualified specialists. They know seven different languages. Workers speak Greek, English, German, Serbian, Bulgarian, Croatian and, which can not but rejoice, Russian. This level of staff training speaks volumes.

Standard Rooms

Now it is worth mentioning briefly about the apartments that potential guests of the Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel can book. The 5-star hotel, as mentioned earlier, offers three categories of rooms. It starts with standard apartments.

Their area is 29 square meters. M. Inside there is one large double bed and two folding sofas. There is also a spacious bathroom with toilet and a balcony with a beautiful view of the sea. The maximum capacity of this room is 4 people.

The apartment has a telephone, a plasma TV with cable and satellite channels, its own safe, air conditioning, cozy sitting area, refrigerator, alarm clock, as well as such pleasant things as slippers, hairdryer, bathrobe, toiletries.

There is such a room about 60-65 thousand rubles (including breakfast included). If you need a full board, you have to pay 80-90 t. P. The price depends on when the guest's room is reserved, whether discounts are offered. It is best to rent an apartment without a cancellation service. Because so the price increases to 120 000 r.

Deluxe Room

This category boasts an area of 40 square meters. M. They have one large king size bed and two sofa beds. These luxury apartments boast three balconies, a living room with a fireplace, a separate bedroom and a spacious bathroom. They are allowed to accommodate four guests.

All services and conditions are the same as those of the previous category. But the cost is different. About 66,000 rubles will have to pay for living for 7 days. This is the price per room with breakfast. For the option with a full board it will be necessary to pay about 90 000 rubles.

About booking

Book a room in this complex better long before the planned trip. There are only 20 rooms in the complex, and there are a lot of them.

It is worth noting one more nuance. If the guests decide to come with a small child (less than two years old), they will be provided with a baby cot. And for the baby's stay will not need to pay extra. The same applies to children under 12 years old. They can sleep on existing beds in the apartment for free, but the administration will not provide an extra bed.

It should also be remembered that guests who come to the resort in May, October or September, receive a free package of SPA services. And it can not but rejoice. After all, such a gift makes it possible to visit the indoor SPA-pool with hydromassage and heating from 9:00 to 12:00 for free. And the guests have the right at the same time to visit any four saunas. If you manage to catch it - then at least everything in a row. This is a hammam, aromatic and usual saunas, as well as a sauna with hot stones.

Guest comments

Many people managed to visit the Cronwell Rahoni Park Hotel 5 *. Reviews, which many of them decide to leave, are mostly positive.

People say that this hotel complex is ideal for those who appreciate a warm home atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, and all the guests know each other in person.

Many more visitors who do not really like walking, enjoyed the free bus, which regularly takes guests from the hotel to the beach. And people who just appreciate walks, with pleasure describe those landscapes that open before your eyes on the way to the sea.

Guests who come to rest with their children say that one of the most important highlights of family importance is animators speaking our language. By the way, many argue that the hotel is oriented for people who have come from the Russian Federation. A lot of Russian-speaking staff, which can not but rejoice. But the dictionary should be picked up - there are still workers who explain themselves in other languages.

In general, people are advised to go here in the fall, in September. Mild climate, the sun does not so much burn, the sea becomes cleaner, and visitors are not very much. Although, if you consider what a modest numbered fund is here, you can not even worry about the peace. It always reigns here.

In general - the ideal situation for those who want from a rest of solitude and silence. Therefore, if you want to get unforgettable impressions and for a long time to stock up with pleasant memories, you should go here.

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