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Openwork braids - a stylish hairstyle for any age.

Beautifully laid hair has always been and will be the pride of any woman, regardless of her age, temperament or social status. There are many ways to make a hairstyle delicious and unique. And one of them - openwork braids. Yes, yes - it was the braids that were so unfairly forgotten.

Weaving braid braids is a real art, having mastered which you can amaze people around with its beauty. This hairstyle looks just amazing, adding to its owner an indescribable charm. So what is the attraction of openwork braid?

Spit is a real symbol of femininity. Our great-great-grandmothers also opened her attractive force. And although modern weaving techniques have become much more complicated and at times surpassed the skills of ancient craftsmen, it was our ancestors who laid the foundation for this, without false modesty it would be said, to real art. After all, not for nothing after several decades of oblivion, the spit again became very fashionable and today are at the peak of popularity.

And these intricate weaves are not just for different kinds of solemn ceremonies. Do not think that open-work braids are suitable only for creating an image of a bride or a lady invited to a delicious dinner. They can be successfully applied even for everyday hairstyles. Of course, the clothes must also be appropriate for the chosen styling, so that the whole image is finished and harmonious.

A light summer dress and a Greek braid will create a cute and romantic image, while a denim outfit, supplemented by many small braids, will make you a mischievous and reckless rebel.

How to weave lace braids.

Even with liquid or short hair, experienced craftsmen can perform miracles. What their skilled hands can not create! Sometimes they manage to weave such masterpieces that one can only marvel and wonder at what "feats" craftsmen are capable of with a rich imagination and excellent mastery of the techniques of weaving. However, beginners should not take up very complex weaving. Openwork braids, like any other kind of skill, requires respect. Therefore, it is best to start with mastering the simplest weaving that can be complicated as we improve. Fortunately, that on the vastness of the Internet you can pick up a lot of master classes that allow you to learn this wonderful skill.

So, the most simple are pigtails on three locks, weaving which many have mastered at a young age. But even from such simple ways of weaving you can get something amazing.

For example, if you put strands not on top of each other, but down, one under the other, you get a beautiful twisted braid.

If, however, during the braiding of the ordinary braid, pulling the strands out a little on one side, then an unusually beautiful pigtail turns out to be a "fan". It can be laid in a bizarre flower or, for example, after making several such weave, decorate with such a frame the main element in the styling.

And finally, a few small secrets that will help make tracery braids more accurate.

- Be sure to divide the total volume of hair into separate sectors. This helps greatly simplify the entire process of weaving. Hair will not get mixed up and the braids will turn out even and neat.

- best of all, the process of weaving to exercise on clean hair. Hairstyle will not only have a more beautiful look, but the very hair styling in the braid is much easier. If the hair is very fluffy and naughty, then immediately before the beginning of the weaving, they must be treated with a styling agent, it will help to achieve an almost perfect evenness of the strands.

- the hair will stay longer and less rastrepletsya, if after completing the weaving, hair a little drizzle with hairspray.

- Well, of course, skill. Without it you can not escape. Before you bring your new hairstyle to the light, you need to practice well, so to speak, to fill your hand. Therefore, never put off learning an unfamiliar technique that you want to learn and apply when creating a styling, at the last minute. Otherwise, in haste and haste, you can simply not cope with the performance of individual elements, which can not only affect the appearance of the hairstyle, but also thoroughly impair the mood.

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